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Take Control News: Master Your iPhone with Ted Landau’s Advice

Thanks to up-to-date details from troubleshooting guru Ted Landau, iPhone users can learn to use their iPhones more effectively and solve nearly any problem that might afflict their shiny new toys.

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3G iPhone in 2008 Confirmed by AT&T

AT&T's CEO confirmed that we'll see a 3G iPhone in 2008, something that we were speculating was likely back in October when Broadcom released a 3G chip that would make it possible.

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German Court Forces Unlocked iPhone

That didn't take long. The T-Mobile wireless division of Deutsche Telekom has announced they'll offer an unlocked iPhone in Germany to comply with a court injunction, but freedom won't be cheap.

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Comparing Amazon’s Kindle to the iPhone and Sony Reader

The new Amazon Kindle could finally bring a portable electronic book reader to the masses because of its ubiquitous network connection along with push subscriptions. At $399, it might still be a hard sell. We compare the Kindle to the Sony Reader and the iPhone, which share characteristics with Kindle.

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Webjimbo 2 Eases Network Setup, Adds iPhone Interface

A new version of Webjimbo provides better remote access to the arcana of ours lives stored in Bare Bones Software's Yojimbo, while offering a separate iPhone-tailored interface.

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iPhone 1.1.2 Ships: OS X Recaptured Briefly

Apple releases the 1.1.2 software update for the iPhone and iPod touch to patch a serious flaw that also enabled third-party software installation. But software developers were primed: a "jailbreak" for 1.1.2 is already available.

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Google’s View of Our Cell Phone Future Is an Android, Not a GPhone

Google is not building a phone; it's building its vision of the future. A consortium of companies, many of them competitors, are backing a free, open-source cell phone platform that could be customized at will, providing unprecedented options for consumers. We'll see.

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New Apple Ads: Real, Fake, and Funny

Are we shallow for enjoying Apple's new Get a Mac ads, or just enjoying having the obvious pointed out on national TV for a change? Also see a leaked Saturday Night Live sketch about the iPhone that never aired.

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Powerless? iPhone Provides a Light

In a brief power outage, I discovered the joy of continuous Internet connectivity with my iPhone. I express outrage at the outage reporting, too.

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AT&T Offers New International iPhone Data Plans

iPhone users travelling abroad often returned home to sky-high bills for data usage. That may be a thing of the past, thanks to AT&T's new international iPhone data plans, which provide either 20 MB of 50 MB of usage.

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iTunes 7.5 and QuickTime 7.3 Released

Apple fixes security-related bugs in QuickTime 7.3 and adds support for multi-country iPhone activation in iTunes 7.5.

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O2 Clarifies UK iPhone Data Limits

The UK carrier O2 lifts undefined "fair usage" limit from iPhone service plans in advance of Friday's launch.

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Install Applications with iPhone 1.1.1 Software

AppSnapp allows third-party software installation on an iPhone with 1.1.1 software installed. But it makes use of a software flaw that Apple will surely fix.

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Gmail’s New IMAP Support a Boon to Mac and iPhone Users

Last week, Google announced Gmail now supports IMAP connections, making their free Web-based mail client even more useful for Mac users and iPhone users on the go.

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Apple Sells Record Number of Macs for Q4 2007

Apple ended the fourth fiscal quarter of 2007 with a profit of $904 million on revenue of $6.22 billion, led by record sales of 2,164,000 Macs, 10.2 million iPods, and 1.1 million iPhones.