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Deciding Between the iPhone and iPod touch

Is buying an iPod touch a good way to get an iPhone without the phone capabilities? Or has Apple limited the iPod touch's capabilities too much, making the iPhone significantly more capable? What about using a prepaid plan or a hack to activate an iPhone without any plan?

Glenn Fleishman No comments

iPhone $100 Store Credit Process Posted

You can now obtain that hundred-buck store credit Apple's CEO promised for early purchasers of the iPhone, who number perhaps 900,000, who paid $200 "too much." The process is simple - and rewarding.

John M. Stafford No comments

Handsfree iPhone Call Leads to Ticket

Making a call hands free with the iPhone's supplied headphones could lead the police to think that, just maybe, you're violating the law. John Stafford found out the hard way; he's got the summons to prove it.

Jeff Carlson No comments

iToner Makes iPhone Ringtones Easy

Ambrosia Software has released iToner 1.0, a simple utility that lets you add MP3 or AAC audio files to an iPhone for use as custom ringtones. What's notable about iToner is that it doesn't require any iPhone hacking software to work.

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Apple Introduces iPod touch, Wi-Fi iTunes Store, and New iPods

Instead of resting on its laurels, Apple continues to break new ground in the iPod world, releasing the iPhone-like iPod touch, putting a 160 GB drive in the new iPod classic, enabling the new iPod nano to play video, and giving the iPod shuffle new colors. Other announcements included the capability to purchase custom ringtones for the iPhone from the iTunes Store, the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store for the iPhone and iPod touch, and a price drop - $200! - for the iPhone.

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Apple to Offer $100 iPhone Rebate for Early Purchasers

Responding to complaints surrounding the $200 price drop on the iPhone, Steve Jobs posted an open letter stating that customers who bought an iPhone before the pricing changed will receive a $100 rebate good for store credit at the online Apple Store or physical Apple Store locations.

Glenn Fleishman No comments

Apple Sells Millionth iPhone

Someone got the golden ticket, and it's probably Steve Jobs. Apple has sold its millionth iPhone, the company announced, reaching that mark in just 74 days

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Take Control News/10-Sep-07

It may seem as though we've been lying low with Take Control for quite some time, but in fact, we've been hard at work to bring you not just one, but two ebooks about the iPhone (OK, the good folks at Macworld actually wrote one of them). Save 20% when you buy both!

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iPhoney Baloney Browser

If you, like me, need to see what Web sites look like on an iPhone, but you don't have an iPhone or iPod touch, turn to the free iPhoney, which simulates Web browsing on an iPhone.

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From Radio to iTunes: Tag Songs on Digital AM/FM for Later Purchase

It's an odd assemblage of pieces, but by Christmas you'll be able to press a button on a radio receiver with an iPod dock that will mark that song for later purchase in iTunes.

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AT&T Simplifies iPhone Bills

AT&T finally sees the light about sending fully itemized paper bills to iPhone customers; everyone will now receive summarized paper bills unless they desperately need to help with global deforestation.

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iPhone, iLife ’08 Receive Bug-Fix Updates

Apple has released iPhone 1.0.2, iMovie 7.0.1, and iWeb 2.0.1 to fix bugs and address issues with publishing .Mac Web galleries.

Jorg Brown No comments

iPhone Billing and International Issues

Two problems to watch out for with iPhone bills: they can be too big (too many pages) and too big (too much money). Read on to see how to solve both issues.

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Lights Off for the iPhone

Lights Off is the first truly native iPhone game... but getting it onto an iPhone isn't for the faint of heart.

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PopCap Pops iPhone Productivity

An iPhone version of the Bejeweled game accessed via the Web, is sure to sap even the most productive worker.