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Joe Kissell No comments

Searching for the iPhone 3G Case of My Dreams

As a newly assimilated iPhone owner, Joe Kissell quickly got sucked into a quest for the perfect case. He's gradually zeroing in on what he really wants.

Adam Engst No comments

iPhone Now Available in 43 Countries

The iPhone spreads further across the globe, as Apple launches it in 21 more countries.

Jeff Carlson No comments

Jobs Personally Acknowledges iPhone Bug and Upcoming Fix

Super-secretive Apple has a mole: its CEO. Steve Jobs acknowledges via email to a customer that the iPhone has a bug that prevents third-party applications from loading, and that the bug will be fixed in September.

Mark H. Anbinder No comments

Best Buy to Sell iPhone in United States

Retail chain Best Buy will become the first retailer besides Apple Stores and AT&T Wireless stores to offer the iPhone in the United States. The phones will go on sale on 07-Sep-08 at almost 1,000 Best Buy locations.

Adam Engst No comments

iPhone Apps That Go Beyond Entertainment

Isn't it interesting that of the top paid and free apps for the iPhone and iPod touch, more than two-thirds of them are games or other forms of entertainment? But never fear, if you want your iPhone or iPod touch to make your real life easier, a few actually useful apps are available.

Adam Engst No comments

Missing Sync for Symbian Offers Proximity Sync

Mark/Space brings their synchronization tool to Symbian-based smartphones, adding Bluetooth-based syncing whenever the phone is within range of the Mac.

Adam Engst No comments

Stop the iPod touch’s Constant Beeping

Is your iPod touch beeping constantly after being upgraded to 2.0? Adam explains the problem and passes on two somewhat unsatisfactory solutions.

Rick Fay No comments

Hands-Free iPhone Options for the Car

California, Washington, and other U.S. states have instituted bans on having a conversation on a cell phone while holding it; a hands-free approach is de rigeur (and de jure). Rick Fay tried out several hands-free options for his iPhone.

Rich Mogull No comments

First Impressions of the iPhone 3G and iPhone 2.0

Rich Mogull braved the lines on Friday to get a new iPhone 3G. After a weekend of testing (and driving), he shares his impressions of Apple's new toy.

Jeff Carlson No comments

iPhone 3G: On the Line in Seattle

So who was crazy enough to wait in line on the first day of iPhone 3G availability? Jeff Carlson, who reports on the experience of hanging out with 400 other close personal friends while Apple's servers imploded.

Jeff Carlson No comments

Send SMS for Free via AIM on iPhone

Feeling gouged by the absurd pricing of SMS text messaging? Using the AIM application under the iPhone 2.0 operating system, you can send text messages for free.

Jeff Carlson No comments

iTunes 7.7 Released in Preparation for iPhone 2.0

iTunes 7.7 is now available, bringing support for the upcoming iPhone 2.0 software and a new Remote application for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Mark H. Anbinder No comments

Apple Stores Ready for 3G Onslaught

Apple and AT&T will both start selling the iPhone 3G at 8am local time at their respective U.S. retail stores, and Apple has provided a list of what to bring with you. Mark also warns of a scam that can see buyers of used iPhones paying twice.

Mark H. Anbinder No comments

AT&T Waking Up Early Friday for iPhone Sales

If you were dreading camping out all day next Friday for an iPhone 3G, you may or may not be glad to hear AT&T will start selling the highly anticipated phone at 8am at each store's local time. Meantime, don't get confused: a no-contract iPhone is not an unlocked iPhone.

Glenn Fleishman No comments

Current iPhones Keep Cheaper Plan on Reactivation

Sell or give away your 2G iPhone, and the new owner can still get a 2G pricing plan. They won't have to pay the higher rate for 3G service without being able to use the higher speed.