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Doug McLean No comments

Fix 5002 Error When Updating iPhone Apps

Getting error 5002 when you try to update your favorite sudoku or flashlight app? Never fear, since there's a simple fix for this App Store error.

Glenn Fleishman No comments

Developers Could Turn Away from iPhone App Store

Apple continues to make terrible decisions about which apps may be sold in the App Store. If Apple isn't careful, developers might walk away - to Google Android or other platforms.

Glenn Fleishman No comments

T-Mobile Introduces Branded Google Phone

Despite Google's assurances last year that the company wasn't introducing a GPhone, the G1 handset announced by T-Mobile using the search giant-sponsored Android smartphone platform has Google emblazoned on the back. The G1 could loosen Apple's grip on smartphones, but not quite yet.

Glenn Fleishman No comments

Apple Recalls Supercool iPhone 3G USB Power Adapter

It's compact. It's cool. It's dangerous. So says Apple. The tiny USB power adapter for charging an iPhone 3G has blades that can break off and remain in an AC outlet. Apple advises you to stop using the adapter, and the company is replacing all of them.

Joe Kissell No comments

Confessions of an iPhone Convert

After being convinced that I'd never own an iPhone, I finally bought one. Two months later, I reflect on the good, bad, and surprising things I've learned about my new favorite tool.

Jeff Carlson No comments

iPhone 2.1 Provides Highly Anticipated Bug Fixes

Apple has released iPhone 2.1, a sweeping software update that brings many welcome bug fixes and performance improvements to the iPhone.

TidBITS Staff No comments

Apple Reveals New iPod nano and Updated iPod touch

To absolutely no one's surprise, Apple has announced a new iPod lineup, featuring improved versions of the iPod classic, iPod nano, and iPod touch. Read on for our take on the cool new features (and those that weren't present).

Joe Kissell No comments

SugarSync Sweetens Online Syncing

This recently updated service offers nicely implemented, cross-platform, online file synchronization. But the coolest part is their new iPhone app, which lets you do tricks like emailing files on your computer from your phone.

Joe Kissell No comments

Searching for the iPhone 3G Case of My Dreams

As a newly assimilated iPhone owner, Joe Kissell quickly got sucked into a quest for the perfect case. He's gradually zeroing in on what he really wants.

Adam Engst No comments

iPhone Now Available in 43 Countries

The iPhone spreads further across the globe, as Apple launches it in 21 more countries.

Jeff Carlson No comments

Jobs Personally Acknowledges iPhone Bug and Upcoming Fix

Super-secretive Apple has a mole: its CEO. Steve Jobs acknowledges via email to a customer that the iPhone has a bug that prevents third-party applications from loading, and that the bug will be fixed in September.

Mark H. Anbinder No comments

Best Buy to Sell iPhone in United States

Retail chain Best Buy will become the first retailer besides Apple Stores and AT&T Wireless stores to offer the iPhone in the United States. The phones will go on sale on 07-Sep-08 at almost 1,000 Best Buy locations.

Adam Engst No comments

iPhone Apps That Go Beyond Entertainment

Isn't it interesting that of the top paid and free apps for the iPhone and iPod touch, more than two-thirds of them are games or other forms of entertainment? But never fear, if you want your iPhone or iPod touch to make your real life easier, a few actually useful apps are available.

Adam Engst No comments

Missing Sync for Symbian Offers Proximity Sync

Mark/Space brings their synchronization tool to Symbian-based smartphones, adding Bluetooth-based syncing whenever the phone is within range of the Mac.

Adam Engst No comments

Stop the iPod touch’s Constant Beeping

Is your iPod touch beeping constantly after being upgraded to 2.0? Adam explains the problem and passes on two somewhat unsatisfactory solutions.