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Glenn Fleishman No comments

Three Cell Carriers Offer Unlimited Minutes for $100 per Month

AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless shave off the top of their profit margins by offering $100 per month unlimited cellular calling plans, with various included and add-on unlimited text messaging and phone-based Internet and email access. Verizon led the movement, with AT&T and T-Mobile joining later in the day. Sprint Nextel is still lost at sea.

Adam Engst No comments

Apple Drops iPod shuffle Price, Introduces 2 GB Model

The 1 GB iPod shuffle just dropped $30, and Apple will be releasing a 2 GB model later this month. What's to quibble about? Is the iPod shuffle really "impossibly small?" Nah...

Mark Boszko No comments

Extend iTunes Movie Rentals Beyond 24 Hours

Apple says that iTunes movie rentals expire after 24 hours, but is that really true? Mark Boszko investigates, and find out that you're not necessarily out of luck if you can't finish in that 24-hour window.

Glenn Fleishman No comments

Starbucks Deal Brewed with AT&T Has Hints of Apple

Starbucks is likely a launch partner for the 3G iPhone, based on yesterday's deal to bring in AT&T as their in-store Wi-Fi provider. The tea leaves - excuse me, coffee grounds - aren't hard to read.

Glenn Fleishman No comments

More Mileposts Along Road to 3G iPhone

AT&T announces network upgrades, which gives us more confidence about the near-term arrival of a 3G iPhone that can make use of a bigger, faster network.

Adam Engst No comments

O2 Tweaks UK Monthly iPhone Plans

Responding to customer and media complaints, O2 has added minutes and text messages to its UK iPhone plans in some cases and reduced the overall cost in others.

Adam Engst No comments

16 GB iPhone and 32 GB iPod touch Released

Apple has released new models of the iPhone and iPod touch that offer 16 GB and 32 GB of memory, respectively, but that extra RAM comes at a premium.

Ted Landau No comments

Everything You Need to Know about iPhone 1.1.3

Apple released iPhone 1.1.3 last week; author and troubleshooting guru Ted Landau goes deep into what's new, including some features you may not have known about.

Mark H. Anbinder No comments

AT&T Offers iPhone for Enterprise

Ever since the iPhone's arrival last June, corporate users have been champing at the bit for an opportunity to activate Apple's communications marvel on an enterprise plan; iPhones could only be activated by individuals. Finally, this week, AT&T announced enterprise data plans available to government, education, and business accounts.

Adam Engst No comments

Apple Ships Pink iPod nano, Apologizes to Tonya

Apple has released a pink iPod nano, just in time for Valentine's Day. This is clearly a hint!

Glenn Fleishman No comments

Gauging Openness with iPhone as Measure

The iPhone's new location-finding feature is a good way to talk about what an open cell phone platform and open network might look like.

TidBITS Staff No comments

iPhone and iPod touch Become Self-Aware

The January '08 updates to the iPhone and iPod touch bring improved Google Maps that can pinpoint your current location automatically, Web Clips for saving portions of Web pages, a new home screen with icons that can be repositioned or assigned to up to nine home screens, and more.

Jeff Porten No comments

CES 2008 Day 1: Keyboards, Power, Eyewear, and More

CES is all about gadgets, and Jeff Porten has hunted down some of the most interesting ones, including a keyboard that can change the picture on each keycap, a USB flash drive that backs up files online, a head-mounted display for your iPod, and more.

Adam Engst No comments

Take Control News: Master Your iPhone with Ted Landau’s Advice

Thanks to up-to-date details from troubleshooting guru Ted Landau, iPhone users can learn to use their iPhones more effectively and solve nearly any problem that might afflict their shiny new toys.

Adam Engst No comments

3G iPhone in 2008 Confirmed by AT&T

AT&T's CEO confirmed that we'll see a 3G iPhone in 2008, something that we were speculating was likely back in October when Broadcom released a 3G chip that would make it possible.