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Category: Security

Glenn Fleishman No comments

VeriSign Brings Authentication Tokens to iPhone

Security tokens can dramatically reduce the odds that a malefactor could access your account on a banking, commerce, or even webmail site. Now VeriSign has built an iPhone application that generates such tokens for several major sites.

David Blatner No comments

What I Learned from Having My Laptop Stolen

After his MacBook Pro was snatched, David Blatner discovered the hard way that losing hardware was the least of his concerns. Lesson learned, he details what he's doing now to prevent data loss and potential identity theft on his current laptop.

Adam Engst No comments

EMC Ships Modernized Retrospect 8

EMC has finally released Retrospect 8, the long-awaited update to what used to be the king of Macintosh backup programs. The feature set of the new version looks good, but there are a few holes, most notably support for running the server on PowerPC-based Macs.

Adam Engst No comments

Critical Vulnerability in Adobe Reader and Acrobat

Turn off JavaScript in Adobe Reader and Acrobat Professional - or use Apple's Preview - to mitigate a critical security vulnerability.

Adam Engst No comments

iPhone to Add Location Logging?

Some sleuthing within iPhoto '09 reveals that Apple was at least thinking about adding a location logging app to the iPhone and iPod touch, possibly for providing geotags to imported photos or improving maps. Could the feature point toward a more capable iPhone or iPod touch? And what about the privacy issues?

Adam Engst No comments

The Tao of Backup

The software this 12-year-old site was developed to promote may be long gone, but its lessons about backup are timeless. "Remember, Grasshopper, to believe in one's backups is one thing. To have to use them is another."

Rich Mogull No comments

Apple Releases Wide-Ranging Security Updates

Apple's first security update of 2009 is a major one, with patches for a series of serious vulnerabilities. All Mac users and server admins should apply the update immediately.

Adam Engst No comments

New Macworld Superguides Cover Mac Security and Mobile Computing

Our ebook catalog is growing again, as we add the "Macworld Mac Security Superguide," with all sorts of useful advice for maintaining your security online, and the "Macworld Mobile Mac Superguide," which provides tips for those getting started with mobile computing.

Adam Engst No comments

Yet Another Reason Not to Pirate Software

With a Trojan Horse appearing in pirated versions of iWork '09 last week, and reports of the same thing happening with pirated copies of Photoshop CS4, why would any sane person seek out pirated software?

Rich Mogull No comments

Protect Yourself From the Safari RSS Vulnerability

A new vulnerability in Safari could reveal your files, stored passwords, and other private information. While the details are still secret, here's how to protect yourself.

Glenn Fleishman No comments

Quicken/BECU EV Certificate Problem Resolved

Members of the BECU credit union can once again download transactions with Quicken 2007 for Mac and earlier.

Glenn Fleishman No comments

Undercover Adds Wi-Fi Location to Laptop Recovery

Another computer-recovery program provides location information derived from Wi-Fi signals around a stolen computer.

Glenn Fleishman No comments

Secure Certificate Hack Doesn’t Imperil Users

Security researchers successfully created a forged digital certificate for a Web address they don't control that browsers accept as authentic. Did they break the Internet? Not quite, and an easy fix should take care of the problem.

Glenn Fleishman No comments

Quicken for Mac Lacks Extended Validation Certificate Support

If you're trying to use Quicken for the Mac with some banking and finance sites, a security certificate may trip you up. It turns out that Quicken doesn't support Extended Validation SSL/TLS certificates, which renders it non-functional for downloading transactions from banks that rely on these more-secure certificates. A fix is in the works.

Adam Engst No comments

CrashPlan Adds Direct-to-Disk Backups

CrashPlan has endeared itself to us with its capability to perform backups over the Internet to other copies of CrashPlan. But Internet connections are slow, and hard disks are fast, so the latest version of CrashPlan also lets you back up to a directly connected hard disk.