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TidBITS Events at Macworld | iWorld 2012

As always, TidBITS staffers will be wandering the corridors of the Macworld | iWorld conference and exhibition in San Francisco, taking place January 26–28, 2012. Come enjoy stimulating discussions and sessions, or just flag us down to say hello or become a member in person! Here’s where you can find us.Show full article

Got iTunes Questions? Get Answers, from Take Control

A new edition of Kirk McElhearn’s “Take Control of iTunes 10: The FAQ” addresses iTunes Match, along with a plethora of other frequently asked questions about Apple’s sprawling media player.Show full article

Third Rail Slim Case System Charges More than Your iPhone

If you need to extend the battery life of your iPhone and other devices without a truly bulky external battery, Third Rail Mobility’s Slim Case System with multiple Smart Batteries might be just the ticket. But the clever bits come with some industrial design annoyances.Show full article

Phones Need Performance Mode for Silence

An iPhone interrupted a New York Philharmonic concert not because of a ring, but because of an alarm. Shouldn’t smartphones have a smart switch to mute sounds for performances, too?Show full article

The Other Side of SOPA and PIPA

SOPA and PIPA may be truly bad bills that should be stopped in their tracks, but that doesn’t mean that online file sharing isn’t a problem for content creators. Adam shares the perspective of a small publisher grappling with a world where copying could be rampant.Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 16 January 2012

Notable software releases this week include GraphicConverter X 7.6, BBEdit 10.1.1, and the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Public Beta.Show full article

ExtraBITS for 16 January 2012

Just two quick bits this week: a pointer to the Macworld | iWorld T-shirt contest and some general coverage of CES that makes the show sound like an easy one to miss.Show full article

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