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TidBITS Presents “Protecting Your Digital Life” on 22 August 2012

Join us on Wednesday, 22 August 2012, at 12:00 PM Eastern for TidBITS Presents “Protecting Your Digital Life,” a look at what you can do to reduce the chances that someone can take over your online identity, and, if one of your accounts is hacked, to ensure that other accounts and data remain safe.Show full article

Update Dropbox for Mountain Lion

If you use Dropbox and have upgraded to Mountain Lion, check to see if you have the latest version of the Dropbox application.Show full article

TweetDeck 1.5.3 Becomes Usable

Several key feature additions to the free TweetDeck Twitter client go a long way toward improving the user experience.Show full article

Fix Your Fonts in Safari 6

Safari 6 took away the preference to set its default proportional and fixed-width fonts. CSS and Terminal come to the rescue.Show full article

Aging Cable Modem Causes Performance Decline

It’s easy to blame Internet performance problems on incorrect settings or a corrupted operating system installation, but sometimes the problem really is related to hardware. And even hardware doesn’t always fail in an “it works or it doesn’t” fashion — it’s possible for an older cable modem to just get worse over time without failing entirely.Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 20 August 2012

Notable software releases this week include OmniFocus 1.10.3, ClamXav 2.3.2, and DEVONagent Lite, Express, and Pro 3.3.Show full article

ExtraBITS for 20 August 2012

ExtraBITS this week span the gamut, starting with Tonya Engst’s appearance on the Tech Doctor Podcast, Cult of Mac’s comparison of print and ebook prices for textbooks, some juicy Apple secrets revealed in the Apple-Samsung patent suit, a site that lets you navigate recent Mars photos using an iOS device’s gyroscope sensor, Lex Friedman’s explanation of how to turn on Google’s two-factor authentication, and a collection of reminiscences on HyperCard’s 25th anniversary.Show full article

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