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Tumblr iOS App Allows Passwords to Be Sniffed

The latest security breach comes from Tumblr, whose iOS app was apparently transmitting passwords in clear text, such that they could be sniffed by attackers on the same Wi-Fi network. Be sure to download a new version of the app and change your password!Show full article

T-Mobile and AT&T Offer Frequent Device Upgrades — For a Price

Is it worth paying a monthly fee to be able to upgrade your smartphone or tablet more often? Maybe. Josh Centers analyzes what the new T-Mobile and AT&T plans mean for Apple users.Show full article

Bugshot Brings iOS 7-Style Image Annotation to the iPhone and iPad

Need to point out visual errors in iOS, or just want to get a chance to play with iOS 7? Josh Centers tells you why you want to check out Bugshot.Show full article

Chapter 5 of “Take Control of Your Digital Photos” Available

Being able to take loads of photos means the quality will vary widely, and the act of judging your photos is what Jeff Carlson discusses in the fifth chapter of “Take Control of Your Digital Photos.” You’ll learn how to set up a workflow that will help you easily determine which shots you want to share with others, which need work in an image editor, and which should be culled. In the process of evaluating each photo critically, you’ll become a better photographer too.Show full article

The Evolution of Technology in the Classroom

With the perspective of a recent college graduate, David Rabinowitz looks back on the technology that populated his years in school, from learning to type in third grade to taking real-time class quizzes at the University of Virginia. He also looks at a technology he missed, the iPad, and talks with a pair of innovators who are building it into the everyday educational experience at their schools. Show full article

FunBITS: FTL: Faster Than Light

FTL is a challenging, yet short space game for the Mac where you never know what will happen next. Josh Centers describes what’s fun about FTL, and shares a few of his hard-won tips.Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 22 July 2013

Notable software releases this week include MacBook Air (Mid 2013) Software Update 1.0, TextWrangler 4.5.3, BBEdit 10.5.5, and Logic Pro X 10.0.Show full article

ExtraBITS for 22 July 2013

In this week’s ExtraBITS, Apple is scrambling to plug a security leak, allegedly exposed by security researcher Ibrahim Balic, and the Apple Developer Center has been offline for days. If you’re waiting for Apple to come back online, why not listen to Jeff Carlson on MacVoices, where he discusses “Take Control of Your Digital Photos”? Fellow Take Control author Kirk McElhearn argues that Apple should eliminate DRM from the iBookstore, and Apple itself is wanting more openness in sharing national security requests. The NSA isn’t the only spy you have to worry about — one could be in your local coffee shop. Finally, has released a tool to make broadcasting new blog posts easy.Show full article

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