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TidBITS 2015 Holiday Hiatus and Membership Update

In keeping with our tradition, we are taking the last few weeks of the year off, so look for the next email issue of TidBITS on 4 January 2016. Thanks for another great year, and here’s to the next one!Show full article

OS X 10.11.2 Focuses on Improving Reliability and Security

The OS X 10.11.2 update to El Capitan offers no new features, but it includes a handful of reliability improvements for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Handoff, AirDrop, Mail, Photos, and more, along with a slew of security fixes.Show full article

iOS 9.2 Improves iBooks, Music, News, and Mail

Apple has updated iOS to 9.2, with improvements to iBooks, Apple Music, and Apple News, as well as the addition of the Mail Drop attachment feature to Mail and support for the new Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader.Show full article

tvOS 9.1 Supports Apple’s Remote App, Adds Siri Music Search

The new Apple TV finally supports the Remote app and Siri music search, but introduces a few peculiar bugs.Show full article

watchOS 2.1 Fixes Bugs, Supports Eight More Languages

If you’ve been holding off on buying an Apple Watch because it didn’t support your preferred language, read on, since the just-released watchOS 2.1 adds system language and dictation support for eight more languages, and Siri support for Arabic. There are a variety of bug fixes and security updates for the rest of us.Show full article

WinterFest 2015 Sale on Writing Tools

Several small software companies have banded together to offer apps for writing and thinking at 20–25 percent off for WinterFest 2015, and we’ve included our Take Control books in the sale.Show full article

Apple TV App Store Growing Quickly… In the Wrong Direction?

The Apple TV’s App Store is seeing explosive growth, but statistics from appFigures indicate that developers may not be giving users what they want.Show full article

Dealing with Inexplicable Apple Error Messages

If you’ve been seeing inexplicable error messages on your Mac or iPhone, there’s not a lot you can do, but rest assured that you’re not alone and you’ve done nothing wrong.Show full article

Natural Language Math: Soulver, Spotlight, Google, and Wolfram Alpha

Converting units, finding currency prices, and generally doing math can require research, study, and recalling long-forgotten formulae. Or you can just type in queries and get results.Show full article

How to Send a MacBook to Apple for Repair

If you’ve wondered about the best way to send a troubled MacBook in to Apple for repair, or if you’re curious about how to get a different Apple device repaired, read on. The process is relatively straightforward and can be remarkably quick.Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 14 December 2015

Notable software releases this week include ClamXav 2.8.8, OmniFocus 2.4, OmniOutliner 4.4.1, Pixelmator 3.4.1, PopChar X 7.3.1, SpamSieve 2.9.23, Airfoil 4.9.2, Safari 9.0.2, and Security Update 2015-008 (Mavericks) and 2015-006 (Yosemite).Show full article

ExtraBITS for 14 December 2015

In this week’s collection of ExtraBITS links, account data for 13 million MacKeeper users was accidentally published online, Apple revealed its favorite apps of 2015, the FBI continues to ramp up its war on encryption, and Josh Centers discussed his new living room setup with The Tech Night Owl. New this week — an extra helping of editorial commentary!Show full article

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