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To clarify recent comments on the Nisus upgrade, there are two versions, 3.4L and 3.4C, which differ in two ways. The most common version, Nisus 3.4L, supports Roman languages and Japanese, and is NOT copy protectedShow full article

New Performas

New Performas -- Expect three new models of the Performa to appear in mid-April, the 405, 430, and 450. The Performa 405 will be exactly the same as the Performa 400 (essentially a 4/80 LC II) with a new Apple Mouse and System 7.1P replacing 7.0.1PShow full article

BCS Clarification

BCS Clarification -- Roz Ault writes to clarify "A Tale of Two Cities" in TidBITS #170, "BCS Mac is starting its own FirstClass system this weekShow full article

Duo Price Drop

Duo Price Drop -- Mark Anbinder passed on news of a price drop on Duo suggested retail prices. The Duo 210 4/80 fell $410 to $1,839; the 230 4/80 dropped $310 to $2,299; the 230 4/120 descended $310 to $2,659, and the 230 4/120 with Express Modem sunk $320 to $2,899. Show full article

The CeBIT Show

CeBIT is the world's largest computer fair, held in Hannover, a town in northern Germany. CeBIT means a lot of people, a lot of companies, and a lot of stressShow full article

Apple Assurance Service

Technical Support Coordinator, BAKA Computers Announcing a new suite of on-site repair services, Apple Computer today responded to complaints that they had fallen behind the pack in service offeringsShow full article

Shelf Space Wars

Apple is mystifying the public again. Pushing out new models in multiple configurations virtually every month, it seems that Apple has launched more new Macintoshes in the last six months than in all the previous years that the Mac has existed put togetherShow full article

QuickMail 2.6... Connect Now!

Technical Support Coordinator, BAKA Computers Late last month, CE Software released a long-awaited upgrade to its popular QuickMail software. Version 2.6, available to 2.5 or 2.5.1 owners for $40, has three primary areas of enhancements: server architecture, administrator tools, and a new Windows clientShow full article

TimeLog & WindoWatch

I called the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) today - just for some forms, thank goodness - and it brought some programs to the front of my mind. One of the IRS's more irritating habits is making you account for the percentages of computer time you spend on business activities compared to personal activitiesShow full article

AFD Postings of Note

I was too subtle last year for our 01-Apr-92 issue, and this year I was too short on time to release an issue on that day. So, you'll have to make do with two articles that might have appeared last Thursday. Apple Discontinues Quadra -- by Mark HShow full article

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