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Apple Announces Next-Day Support on eWorld

Apple Announces Next-Day Support on eWorld -- Ten months after introducing eWorld as its own online service, Apple is finally rolling out official forum-based online supportShow full article

The PowerBook 150

The PowerBook 150 is the orphaned cousin of Apple's laptop computer family, but with today's price drops, it becomes an affordable alternative for those who don't need fancier PowerBooksShow full article

The Third GVU World-Wide Web User Survey

The Third GVU World-Wide Web User Survey has started, and we encourage TidBITS readers to go and be counted. One of the problems that has stymied people trying to figure out who uses the Internet is that there isn't much hard researchShow full article

Power Computing to Bundle Now Software

Power Computing to Bundle Now Software -- Now Software announced last week that they plan to bundle Now Up-to-Date, Now Contact, and Now Utilities with their upcoming Macintosh clonesShow full article

Kick Your Epson into Gear

Kick Your Epson into Gear -- If you have an Epson Color Stylus printer (see TidBITS-266), you might be interested in two handy Photoshop utilities to improve the color accuracy and the quality of high-resolution imagesShow full article

TidBITS 5.0

This issue marks the fifth year of TidBITS, making it one of the oldest edited electronic publications on the Internet. We have survived 273 issues, a format change from HyperCard to setext at TidBITS-100, the rise of the World-Wide Web, and the inevitable burnout that Tonya and Geoff have helped eliminate from what is no longer a one-person jobShow full article

Hits and Misses of Customer Service

Back in TidBITS-262, we said that we don't make a habit of passing along the many and varied tales of customer service TidBITS readers send to us. However, lots of people wrote in to say that they liked the article, and we can occasionally be accused of playing to the massesShow full article

ProPhone: For When a ZIP Code is Not Enough

If searching for ZIP codes and the like is too general for your needs (see my article about ZIP code programs in TidBITS-267), Pro CD's ProPhone might initially sound like an attractive alternativeShow full article

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