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Express Yourself to Microsoft

Express Yourself to Microsoft -- Microsoft's new Macintosh Office development team (about 100 developers dedicated to working on the Macintosh version of Microsoft Office 97) has posted a set of survey questions on the Web, the answers to which they hope will help them make Office more Mac-likeShow full article

New from Cupertino

New from Cupertino -- Last week, Apple formally rolled out the powerful Newton MessagePad 2000 and the sleek Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, while also announcing availability of OpenDoc 1.2Show full article

Internet Explorer 3.0.1b1

Internet Explorer 3.0.1b1 -- Microsoft has released a beta of Internet Explorer 3.0.1; this release supports JavaScript, both 68K and PowerPC Macs, plus a new Download Manager, the ability to accept or decline HTTP cookies, and a search feature tied directly to YahooShow full article

Apple's Decisions

We've spent a lot of time and energy in recent TidBITS issues looking at the moves Gil Amelio and Apple management made to bring the company back to profitabilityShow full article

iWorld and Welcome to It

Myriad are the ways in which technological and economic experts propose to assist you with the Internet, as I discovered at the Spring Internet World convention held the week of 10-Mar-97 in Los AngelesShow full article

Say Cheese! Snapz Pro

I just finished another book, and the books I write require screenshots. Previously, I relied on a shareware screenshot utility called Flash-It. Written by Nobu Toge and last updated in 1993, Flash-It 3.0.2 continues to function today, surprising for a utility that works at such a low-level. That is, Flash-It continues to work well with one notable (if not surprising) exception: Microsoft applicationsShow full article

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