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Claris Organizer Reincarnated as PalmPilot MacPac

Claris Organizer Reincarnated as PalmPilot MacPac -- 3Com's Palm Computing division has announced plans to base the next version of its Macintosh desktop software for the PalmPilot and Palm III handhelds on Claris Organizer, which 3Com purchased from Apple for an undisclosed sumShow full article

New Apple Storefronts Perform

New Apple Storefronts Perform -- Slightly lost within last week's hardware announcements were the openings of the Apple Store for Education and the Apple Store UK, the first step in making the Apple Store available to users in Sweden, Holland, France, Germany, Australia, and JapanShow full article

John Norstad Retires Disinfectant

John Norstad Retires Disinfectant -- John Norstad announced last week that he has retired Disinfectant, his free anti-virus utility. John considered updating the utility to combat the recently discovered Autostart-9805 worm (see "Autostart Worm Breaks Malware Silence" in TidBITS-428) but decided to direct his software's loyal users to commercial utilities such as DrShow full article

Quicken Speeds Back to Mac

Quicken Speeds Back to Mac -- Less than three weeks after Intuit publicly discontinued further development of Quicken for the Macintosh (see "Financial Competition?" in TidBITS-427), Apple and Intuit have announced a recommitment to future versions of the financial-management softwareShow full article

The Final Word on Multiple Monitors

If the Mac's support for multiple monitors weren't one of my favorite bragging points, I'd have stopped these notes long ago. However, useful information continues to trickle in, much of it on TidBITS Talk, and it's of sufficient interest to pass on here as well. First, Tarik Sivonen comments that an article by Chris O'Malley in PC Computing's May 1998 issue reviews 17-inch and 19-inch monitors, and more importantly, includes the results of usability testing and return-on-investment analysisShow full article

InformINIT: Your Personal Macintosh Informant

When I visit my parents, my father and I always sit down at their Macintosh and look at what's ended up in its System Folder since my last visit. I have a decent idea what many files are, but over the years, the possibilities have begun to overwhelm meShow full article

Apple Hardware Strategy: Alluring PowerBooks and iMac

Steve Jobs breathed fire into the Macintosh world last week by announcing new computers that have enthralled Mac users and press alike. The first announcement concerned the new PowerBooks G3 series (not to be confused with the short-lived PowerBook G3 that shared the 3400's frame), whose rumored features and form factor tantalized Mac aficionados for monthsShow full article

Jobs Outlines Mac OS Strategy at WWDC

During his keynote at Apple's World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) today, Steve Jobs announced future directions for key Macintosh software technologies, including QuickTime, Java, and the Mac OS. QuickTime -- The first software demonstration featured long-time QuickTime architect Peter Hoddie showing QuickTime streaming technology using the RTP (Real Time Protocol) standardShow full article

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