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Michael Hart of Project Gutenberg (a project to provide free electronic texts to the world) writes: Are you an April fool if you believe: Hard disk storage can be bought for $.25 per megabyte. The same drives can be used on DOS, MAC and UNIX machines. 9600 baud modems are available at $169. IBM spelled out the letters IBM with individual xenon atoms. AT&T did theirs with one atom eight years earlier. The AT&T people used IBM-invented equipment. The first Project Gutenberg text was net posted 20 years ago. 10,000 ASCII etexts will be posted by the end of year 2001. The storage space, machine, and drives already fit on a desktop. Robert Minich muses on the subject of the Apple/Microsoft suit, "I'm no lawyer (!) but I think the title [of our article in TidBITS-047] should have been "Apple 0.5, MS 0.5, The Rest Of Show full article


Researchers at Bellcore have created a holographic system for high speed data retrieval using an array of 1000 semiconductor lasers on a chip to retrieve holographic images stored in a single crystalShow full article

The LC's Hidden Secret

Well of course it's hidden, it's a secret! Apple didn't want to admit this for a while, but it's been out long enough that something's finally come of itShow full article


Well, actually it's only one Giga, but the name of a new CD-ROM product from Quantum Leap Technologies reminded me of our recent mix up about the prefix for 10^18Show full article

El Cheapo Modem

Once you've got your Second Sight BBS running the Giga-ROM, you might want to upgrade your modem. Of course, all of this assume a rich relative recently passed away and left you a ton of money (preferably in paper, though I'd rather have a ton of quarters than a ton of pennies)Show full article

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