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Former Macworld Expo NY Renamed Again

Former Macworld Expo NY Renamed Again -- The Conference Formerly Known as Macworld Expo, which IDG World Expo announced would be called "Create," has endured another name change and now wishes to be known as "Macworld CreativePro Conference & Expo," although its friends will continue to call it "Nancy" (apologies to the Beatles)Show full article

Apple Quietly Updates iBooks

Apple Quietly Updates iBooks -- Apple's entry-level laptop family received a minor refresh this week, picking up a speed bump and larger hard disks but little elseShow full article

iTunes Music Store Takes the Stage

Apple today unveiled the iTunes Music Store, a commercial Internet music service featuring more than 200,000 tracks from the five largest music labels and available via a new Music Store playlist entry in the popular (and still free) iTunes 4 music playback and disc burning softwareShow full article

Apple Cranks Up iTunes 4

Along with the high-profile changes necessary for the iTunes Music Store, described previously in this issue, iTunes 4 sports a number of other welcome enhancementsShow full article

Redesigned iPods Debut

Apple's new online music service is likely to attract most of the attention today, but in typical Apple fashion, it's the hardware that makes it all possibleShow full article

Palm Tungsten C and Zire 71 Add Intriguing Features

Palm, Inc. has added two new handhelds to its product lineup. The $500 Palm Tungsten C features integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b) wireless networking, a tiny QWERTY keyboard, and a sharp color display, while the $300 Zire 71 promotes multimedia features such as a built-in camera, music and video playback, and a higher resolution color display than was available in past low-cost offerings. The Tungsten C joins the $400 Tungsten T, which lacks the keyboard and wireless feature (third-party wireless cards are expected for its Secure Digital slot later this year) but offers Bluetooth connectivity, and the Tungsten W, which can access the Internet via a GSM/GPRS cellular connectionShow full article

Better Distribution of Mac OS X Software

In the course of writing my current book, Mac OS X Power Tools, I downloaded, installed, and evaluated hundreds of pieces of software for Mac OS X: shareware, freeware, donationware, commercial software, you name itShow full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/28-Apr-03

TiVo Series2 Home Media Option. Extensive discussions of the new Home Media Option for the TiVo Series2 digital video recorder in preparation for a future articleShow full article

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