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Matias Adds Sudden Motion Sensor Tech to Laptop Bags

Matias Adds Sudden Motion Sensor Tech to Laptop Bags -- Laptop bag designer Edgar Matias announced today that his company has licensed Apple's Sudden Motion Sensor technology for use in a new line of bags for PowerBook and iBook portable computersShow full article

Mac OS X 10.4 Easter Egg Found and Lost

This story comes from Littleton, MA, where TidBITS reader Nancy Kotary writes: "Recently the weather here turned very cold (again!), and right about the same time, I noticed my 15-inch PowerBook G4 was acting upShow full article

Cooling Factor and Cool Factor in One Package

The Plasticsmith has done it again. The company that brought the newly minted Mac mini its own "mini skirt," a plastic riser with an optional glow, have added a new stand to their line-up: the mini hover skirt. As fans of science fiction and unusual watercraft know, a hover skirt is set of air jets ringing the bottom of a craft; the downward-pointing jets provide air pressure to raise the craft enough off the ground to avoid friction, allowing less-expensive propulsion over both liquid and solid surfaces. The mini hover skirt is a combination of goof and practical: the unit which snaps onto the bottom includes a quiet but high-powered air blower which cools the often toasty Mac mini while producing a space-age sound effect. For those who invested in the Bluetooth and AirPort Extreme options for their Mac minis, the mini hover skirt can be equippShow full article

Seattle Bans Free Wi-Fi After Coffeehouse Explosion

Seattle's City Council has passed an emergency measure to ban free Wi-Fi access within city limits, following testimony from experts and fire officials regarding their investigation of last week's explosion at the popular "Beans, Beans, The Magical Fruit" coffeehouseShow full article

Apple Announces Product and Marketing Plans

In a rare break from form, Apple Computer today held a press conference to announce its forthcoming product plans. Some industry watchers attribute the move to prodding from partner Motorola, which was forced to delay the expected announcement of its iTunes phone due to a disagreement with AppleShow full article

Tiger Renamed; Ship Date Imminent

Following the quick coverage of the new iPod double-shuffle, Steve Jobs moved into current news, announcing that at long last the new version of its Mac OS X operating system is ready, and will be coming soon to a retail outlet near youShow full article

Mac mini Shrinks to micro, nano, and pico

Apple's huge success with the Mac mini's small form factor and low price has caused the company to look more closely at making computers in a variety of small sizesShow full article

Introducing the Power Mac GX Series

If you thought Apple's Power Macintosh G5 models were growing a little old in the tooth and wondering when Steve Jobs would make good on his 3 GHz promise from the June 2003 Worldwide Developer Conference, you have longer to wait, but it should be worth itShow full article

Apple's iFuzz Nanotechnology Cools Hot Chips

While fur is typically associated with staying warm, the stylish new material covering Apple's planned Power Mac GX will improve on the cooling technology used in the current generation of the Power Mac G5Show full article

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