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Security Update 2006-002 v1.1 Fixes Safari Glitch

Security Update 2006-002 v1.1 Fixes Safari Glitch -- Apparently, some people who moved Safari out of their Applications folders ran into a problem after updating to the recent Security Update 2006-002 where Safari would have a blank icon and not launchShow full article

Ovolab Ships Major Phlink Update

Ovolab Ships Major Phlink Update -- Ovolab has released the long-awaited version 3 of its flagship telephony software, Phlink. [Conflict of interest disclaimer: I wrote the manual for version 2 of this product.] Phlink turns your computer into an intelligent phone-answering machineShow full article

Desktop Picture Transparency Hacks

Desktop Picture Transparency Hacks -- Every now and then I come across a site documenting something truly clever - not necessarily useful, but clever nonethelessShow full article

Joe Kissell Joins TidBITS as Senior Editor

Although some people seem to believe that I do everything with TidBITS, nothing could be further from the truth - TidBITS wouldn't exist without the ongoing work of Tonya, Geoff Duncan, Jeff Carlson, Matt Neuburg, Glenn Fleishman, and Mark AnbinderShow full article

Microsoft Entourage Gets Spotlight and Sync

Microsoft has released the 11.2.3 Update to Office 2004. The 57 MB download incorporates all previous updates and service packs, so if you've neglected the care and feeding of your copy of Office 2004, now might be a good moment to mend your ways. The Read Me file accompanying the download lists various minor bug fixes for Word, a stability fix for PowerPoint, and a security fix for Excel; but don't go looking for your favorite pet peeve to be mended in this releaseShow full article

NetNewsWire Public Beta with NewsGator Synchronization

RSS feed aggregator and news reader NetNewsWire released its first (and then second) public beta of the next major version of the software, numbered 2.1Show full article

Burning Down the Disc

Sometimes easy things turn out to be more involved than you initially anticipated. Recently I wanted to burn a few CDs containing the full Take Control library for a user group raffleShow full article

Take Control News/20-Mar-06

New Take Control Ebooks Cover GarageBand 3 -- Regardless of your musical experience, if you want to make the most of GarageBand 3, follow along with Seattle musician Jeff Tolbert as he shows you how to work creatively with GarageBand and get the most out of its featuresShow full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/20-Mar-06

The first link for each thread description points to the traditional TidBITS Talk interface; the second link points to the same discussion on our Web Crossing server, which provides a different look and which may be faster. Comments on A Switcher's Tale -- Readers respond to last week's article, including the need for using a Windows environment and the ongoing debate about Apple's historic insistence on single-button miceShow full article

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