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Four iLife Apps Receive Updates

Four iLife Apps Receive Updates -- Apple released minor updates to four of the iLife '06 applications today - iWeb, iPhoto, iMovie HD, and iDVD - both via Software Update and as stand-alone downloadsShow full article

Security Update 2006-003 Released

Security Update 2006-003 Released -- Apple posted the latest security update last week, which patches vulnerabilities in many major Mac OS X components, such as Finder, Mail, Preview, Safari, CoreGraphics, AppKit, Keychain, and Launch ServicesShow full article

QuickTime 7.1, Front Row 1.2.2 Released

QuickTime 7.1, Front Row 1.2.2 Released -- Apple improved two of its media-centric products last week. QuickTime 7.1, a 49.1 MB download, delivers "numerous bug fixes," improves H.264 performance, and adds unspecified support for iLife '06Show full article

NetNewsWire 2.1 Released

NetNewsWire 2.1 Released -- The final version of RSS news aggregator and reader NetNewsWire 2.1 shipped last week from NewsGator, the company that acquired the product and hired developer Brent Simmons last year (see "NewsGator Acquires NetNewsWire")Show full article

Fox TV Shows Hit iTunes

Fox TV Shows Hit iTunes -- In the largest single network debut to date, Apple has added another passel of television programming to its iTunes Music Store, this time from Fox EntertainmentShow full article

DealBITS Drawing: DoorStop X Security Suite

Although the Mac world isn't nearly as scary as the Windows world when it comes to malware and intrusions, it's still a good idea for any Mac directly connected to the Internet to have a firewall in placeShow full article

The War Over Neutrality

In recent weeks a great deal of ink and pixels have been spent on the topic network neutrality. As set out by pundits and some of the mass media, a major battle is brewing between the big-money telecommunications companies who build the networks which comprise the Internet, and the big-money technology companies whose businesses depend on the InternetShow full article

Garmin StreetPilot 2720 Ups the Ante for Car Navigation

It's been six months since my last entry in our ongoing survey of GPS devices with voice navigation, and in my most recent article, I wrote generally nice things about the Magellan RoadMate 760Show full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/15-May-06

The first link for each thread description points to the traditional TidBITS Talk interface; the second link points to the same discussion on our Web Crossing server, which provides a different look and which may be faster. The Long & Winding Road -- Readers discuss the recent court victory of Apple Computer versus Apple Corps, including the relative values of the two "brands." (8 messages) Two Corrections in TidBITS 827 -- Following up on last week's correction regarding screen shot keyboard commands, readers bring up Snapz Pro X and a key combination in Mac OS X to capture screen images to the ClipboardShow full article

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