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Time Machine via AirPort Disk Is Unsupported, Apple Says

Using Time Machine with drives attached via USB to an 802.11n AirPort Extreme Base Station is an unsupported option, Apple has confirmed.Show full article

AT&T Lowers Cancellation Fee

Starting with new contracts as of 25-May-08, the $175 early-termination penalty that AT&T charges will turn into more of a prorated fee that's reduced by $5 per month.Show full article

Printer-Friendly Mode Returns to TidBITS

Want to see this article without images, interface, or color? Click the Print link!Show full article

MacVoices Podcast Covers Time Capsule Ins and Outs

Listen in as Glenn and Joe chat about Time Capsule: how it works, what's going on behind the scenes, what type of user it's meant for, and more.Show full article

64-bit Controversy Accompanies Lightroom 2 Beta

Adobe announced the Lightroom 2 beta last week, which features multiple-monitor support, the capability to apply edits to select portions of an image, and smart collections. However, news that Lightroom 2 is 64-bit capable on the Mac brought up the news that the next version of Photoshop would not be.Show full article

Adobe Adjusts Photoshop Express Terms of Service

Adobe has updated the terms of service for the online photo-editing service Photoshop Express, after users complained that the original wording gave the company overreaching ownership of shared images.Show full article

How to Fix Corrupt Eudora Mailboxes

If you've run into a corrupt Eudora mailbox, fear not, because it's easily fixed with common household materials.Show full article

Instant Messaging for Introverts

Can your personality type affect your willingness to use certain modes of communication? In particular, do introverts have a harder time with technologies like instant messaging and Twitter than extroverts?Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 07-Apr-08

Notable software releases this week include Daylite 3.7.2, MacSpeech Dictate 1.0.1, YummySoup 1.6.7, NetworkLocation 2.3, Default Folder X 4.03, and Things 0.9.1. Apple joins in the fun with QuickTime 7.4.5, iTunes 7.6.2, Front Row 2.0.3, Keynote 4.0.3, and the AirPort Admin Utility for Graphite and Snow AirPort base stations.Show full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/07-Apr-08

Did hackers target a MacBook Air because it was more vulnerable, or more desirable? What's the best way to maximize the use of four hard disks on a single Mac? And what UPS models are recommended for working with Macs? These questions and other issues (instant messaging for introverts, Apple's legal logo opposition, the latest security update) are discussed this week.Show full article

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