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Microsoft Pulls Yahoo Acquisition Offer

So much for that $50 billion... Microsoft has rescinded its offer for Yahoo after upping the offer price to $33 per share, $4 below the $37 per share that Yahoo's board of directors wanted.Show full article

MozyHome for Mac Online Backup Service Reaches Version 1.0

MozyHome, an online backup service for Macs, has finally reached version 1.0 after more than a year of beta testing. The service offers unlimited online storage for only $4.95 per month.Show full article

Apple TV Gains Movie Purchases and DVD Date Releases

Owners of the Apple TV can now purchase movies directly from the entertainment device, and do so from an expanded collection of movies. Also, several studios are making rentals available on iTunes and the Apple TV the same day as the movies are released on DVD.Show full article

AT&T Adds iPhone Plan for Hearing, Speech Impaired

A new AT&T service plan for hearing- and speech-impaired customers reduces the monthly cost of the iPhone if you don't need any or much voice service.Show full article

Lovingly Craft Your HTML

Writing HTML by hand has the same relationship to graphical Web authoring tools as a chisel has to a jackhammer.Show full article

DealBITS Discount: Save 20% on HoudahGeo

If you didn't win a copy of HoudahGeo in last week's DealBITS drawing, don't fret, since you can still save 20 percent on the geocoding software through 18-May-08.Show full article

Thank You for Not Playing: Microsoft Expires DRMed Music

Microsoft has chosen to cut the legs out from under customers who bought music from the MSN Music store up until late 2006. Starting 31-Aug-08, that music can no longer be played on computers that weren't previously authorized.Show full article

ScreenFlow: Screencasting on Steroids

Make a movie of what's happening on your computer screen - how snazzy can that be? With ScreenFlow, it can be very snazzy indeed. This program has knocked my socks off - with my shoes on.Show full article

Getting to Know the Nabaztag Internet Rabbit

The Nabaztag is a plastic rabbit with motorized ears, blinking lights, and a Wi-Fi connection. Is it a silly piece of kitsch for people with too much money on their hands or a brilliant glimpse into the future of smart objects?Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 05-May-08

Notable software updates so far this week include TextExpander 2.1.1, DiscLabel 5.2.1, Microsoft Messenger for Mac 7, Tinderbox 4.2.4, MacPilot 3.0.1, Infovox iVox 1.2, Synchronize Pro X 6.0, 1Password 2.6, an iMac ATI Radeon HD Graphics Firmware Update, and Java 6 for Mac OS X.Show full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/05-May-08

Nearly every discussion this week touches on a different topic, such as the iPhone's influence among companies marketing on the Web, pruning Time Machine backups, auto-filing email in Mail, replacing graphing functionality found in AppleWorks, and using OmniFocus. Oh, and Canada is finally getting the iPhone!Show full article

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