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Apple iPod Refreshes Add Storage, Tweak Prices

The iPod touch is now either cheap or fast, the iPod shuffle drops its price, and the iPod classic enlarges its hard drive.Show full article

iPod nano Morphs into Video Camera, Pedometer, Radio

Apple threw the kitchen sink at the iPod nano, making it a video and audio recorder, pedometer, and FM radio tuner with an added built-in speaker, all while keeping the price on the 8 GB model the same.Show full article

New York Times Web Site Compromised; How to Stay Safe

Details are still forthcoming, but over the weekend, numerous visitors to the New York Times Web site saw pop-ups masquerading as antivirus alerts and advertising Windows software that was itself malware.Show full article

Security Update 2009-005 Fixes Tiger, Leopard Vulnerabilities

Along with Mac OS X 10.6.1, Apple has released Security Update 2009-005 to fix a wide variety of security vulnerabilities in various versions of Tiger and Leopard.Show full article

AT&T Selects Six Cities for Speed, Adds Preferred Callers

AT&T has said which six cities will get its mobile broadband upgrade first, doubling the connection speed from the iPhone 3GS and laptop cards to cellular towers. Also, who are the five or ten people you call most?Show full article

iTunes 9 Refines Crowdsourcing and Sharing Features

Apple has unveiled iTunes 9, expanding its crowdsourcing capability with Genius Mixes, introducing long-awaited app arranging capabilities, bringing new home network sharing features, and expanding music and movie content offerings with iTunes LP and iTunes Extras.Show full article

iPhone OS 3.1 Update Refines iPhone Usage

The latest update to iPhone OS adds app recommendations using the Genius feature, the capability to purchase ringtones directly, and an option to lock your device remotely using MobileMe. Serious security problems were fixed as well.Show full article

Tiny Mac OS X 10.6.1 Update Fixes Some Bugs

Even Snow Leopard's updates are faster and sleeker. Mac OS X 10.6.1 is out with minor fixes for Apple Mail, Flash security, and printer drivers. A few unacknowledged errors seem to have disappeared, too, although other problems remain. We wax poetic. Or at least prosaic.Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 14-Sep-09

Notable software releases this week include Default Folder X 4.3.1, Phone Amego 1.0.3, PDFpen 4.2.1, PhoneValet Message Center 6.0.3, Simon 2.5.3, Airfoil 3.3.3, Audio Hijack Pro 2.9.3, Cocktail 4.5, ConceptDraw Updates, HP Printer Drivers for Mac OS X 10.6, iMac Graphics Firmware Update 1.0.2, Apple RAID Card Firmware Update, Firefox 3.5.3, QuickTime 7.6.4, and Suitcase Fusion 2.v13.2.Show full article

Bonus Stories for 14-Sep-09

Between Apple's iTunes, iPod, and iPhone announcements last week, and the release of Mac OS X 10.6.1, we just ran out of space to include everything we wrote in this issue of TidBITS. These articles will likely appear in the future, but if you want to read them now, just visit our Web site (where you can make comments too!).Show full article

ExtraBITS for 14-Sep-09

Read on for a collection of links to the most interesting articles and resources that the TidBITS staff discovered on the Web this week.Show full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk for 14-Sep-09

TidBITS Talk continues to be a great resource for good information, as this week proves. Readers share their experiences with Snow Leopard upgrade stumbles, AirPort connection problems, recovering iCal calendars, and buying external hard drives. Also, readers discuss Mac OS X support for the ZFS file system in Snow Leopard, cropping photos in iPhoto prior to making a book, and whether the new iPod nano with video can be controlled by a computer.Show full article

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