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Tonya Engst No comments

PageSpinner Spins Into View

The world of shareware Web authoring tools recently gained a new member in the form of PageSpinner, a $25 shareware program from Optima System in Sweden

Sean Peisert No comments

Text Editors – Getting Your ASCII In Gear

Many Macintosh users are only vaguely familiar with text editors, since SimpleText opens our text documents and we configure our machines with control panels and thus rarely need to edit configuration files

Adam Engst No comments

Eudora Pro 3.0 Beta Available

Eudora Pro 3.0 Beta Available -- Qualcomm has released a public beta of Eudora Pro 3.0 for owners of Eudora Pro 2.x. I've been using earlier test releases for a month or so now, and find the added features extremely welcome

Geoff Duncan No comments

Apple Releases System 7.5.3

After months of rumor and speculation, Apple has finally released System 7.5.3 to the general public. System 7.5.3 is a universal system release that will run on any Mac from the Plus on up, which should be a welcome relief to anyone trying to keep up with a myriad of updates from Apple in recent months

Matt Neuburg No comments

Why I Still Live at the P.O. (or, Eudora Lives!)

Amid the frantic innovation, premature releases, and scrambling for profits spawned by today's Internet software market, it's remarkable that any software can be sufficiently solid, fundamental, and established to be a classic, let alone a necessity, and even more remarkable that it should be given away for free

Jeff Carlson No comments

Email Reliance: Emailer 2.0

I'm surprised at how much I rely on electronic mail. What used to be just another method of communicating has become my main link to the outside world, my to-do list, and a searchable database of projects

Adam Engst No comments

TidBITS & Eudora

My main complaint about Steve Dorner's excellent email program Eudora is that it suffers from the 32K text limit so common to Macintosh programs. This isn't inherently Eudora's fault - after all, Steve currently uses TextEdit (a component of the Mac operating system essentially designed to handle minimal text editing in dialog boxes, scrolling lists, and so on) to provide text services, and TextEdit causes the 32K text limit

Brent Bossom No comments

Pioneer Mac Clones at Macworld Tokyo

Brent Bossom writes this week from Macworld Tokyo: Pioneer displayed two Mac clones with the title "Multimedia Personal Computers," the MPC-GX1 Power PC 601/66 MHz model with built-in stereo speakers, internal CD-ROM drive, and the MPC-LX100 (68LC040/33 MHz) (see TidBITS-264)

Adam Engst No comments

Easy View Spreads Out

The browser of choice for TidBITS has long been Easy View, Akif Eyler's simple setext browser for the Macintosh. That's not about to change any time soon, what with Akif's most recent update, Easy View 2.44, and those who enjoy TidBITS but read it on Windows or Unix systems might appreciate new programs that can browse setext files on those platforms. Before I get into the new features and fixes in Easy View, consider some of the features it has long had, including the capability to search for a word or phrase and extract all the matching articles to a text file and the capability to decode the styles used in our setext format (including bold, underline, and separate body and headlines styles, all of which are user-definable)

Cynthia Baron No comments

Putting the Squeeze on Color: ImageVice 1.1

I'm a compression junkie. Late at night, when all good graphics geeks are fast asleep, I'm still looking to score one last kilo. Kilobyte that is, so my animation will download two seconds faster

Geoff Duncan No comments

Caching Your Chips

Beginning in TidBITS-334, we published a series of articles explaining the technical guts of a PowerPC-based Mac. We examined differences between PowerPC 601, 603, and 604 processors; Level 1 and Level 2 processor caches, the importance of the system bus, the 68K emulator, and other items. Since then, the PowerPC world has changed

Mark H. Anbinder No comments

Workgroup Servers Get PowerPC Boost

Apple's Enterprise Systems Division last week announced a series of PowerPC-based Apple Workgroup Servers to supplement the existing line of specialized Macs bundled with various network server products

Adam Engst No comments

IPNetSentry 1.1.1 Traces Intruders

IPNetSentry 1.1.1 Traces Intruders -- Sustainable Softworks has released IPNetSentry 1.1.1, a minor update to the company's personal firewall software (see "Macworld SF 2001 Trend: Personal Firewalls" in TidBITS-564)

TidBITS Staff No comments

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/08-Jan-07

Optimizing DNS settings -- If your Web connection seems to be sporadic, perhaps the issue is with DNS lookups. Readers suggest methods of streamlining DNS, including working with various hardware routers

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AppleShare IP 6.3.2 Shuts Security Hole

Apple Computer has released AppleShare IP 6.3.2, a minor but important update designed to fix a potential security problem in the Web server module of AppleShare IP 6.1 and later