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SoftAT Mistake

SoftAT Mistake -- Mark H. Anbinder corrects our mistake in our recent article about SoftPC. "SoftAT is not an add-on product that's to be added to Universal SoftPC, the way the EGA/AT Option Module needed to be added to an existing copy of SoftPC

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System 7 Coupon

Mark H. Anbinder writes, "The System 7 coupon program, which allowed Mac purchasers to send in a special coupon to receive a free System 7 kit, expired on 31-Dec-91, but Apple has extended it to cover Macs purchased through 02-Feb-92 (presumably because that's when the Right Now Rebate promotion ended)

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HyperCard Confabulation

I appear to have opened an intellectual can of worms in TidBITS-102 with my comparison of HyperCard and QuickTime and my statement that HyperCard was, in some respects, a commercial failure

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Usenet on a CD-ROM, no longer a fable

The latest tempest-in-a-teacup of hurricane proportions on Usenet is raging quite nicely in the news.misc group. This time the subject matter should be of interest to many, so here comes the nitty-gritty. A company in the USA recently began offering Usenet-on-CD-ROM monthly disks for a fee (approximately US$35 per disk, if memory serves me right; $25 per issue if one subscribes to it)

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The PC is not a typewriter

You may wonder why I'm reviewing a book for PC clones here in TidBITS. First, I'm not blind to happenings elsewhere in the computer world; I just prefer to focus on the Mac, and second, I think everyone who has a friend learning publishing on a PC should give them this book to cut down on the egregious errors that show up in desktop published documents. "The PC is not a typewriter" is a direct descendent from Robin Williams's (yes, she of "The Little Mac Book" fame) previous book, "The Mac is not a typewriter." The heredity shows - this latest anti-typewriter book checks in at under 100 pages and is written in the same concise, friendly style

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More on Video Memory

Even with the article we did on the IIsi and IIci video memory oddities, the issue remains murky to many people. Glenn Austin was kind enough to provide more detailed information which may further illuminate the matter, although for those of you who don't speak hex, I recommend just ignoring the address information - I did and still got the basic idea. Here's the memory map under System 6 and 7 on the IIsi and IIci, assuming (for the sake of discussion) that there is 8 MB of RAM in the machine, 2 banks of 4 MB RAM each, and the machine is 256-color capable: Where Description Size Logical address Bank A Video RAM $50000 $FBB00000 Bank A Main RAM $3B0000 $00400000 Bank B Main RAM $400000 $00000000 So the memory map looks something like this (in 24-bit mode, 32-bit is similar): ----------------- | Bank B | $00000000 (low) | RAM | |

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Glenn Fleishman writes to expand on some points about the snazzy keynote presentation at Macworld Expo: Just some points of clarification. The photographer who assisted in John Sculley's presentation was Greg Heisler, a leading photojournalist, who recently did the Time Man of the Year (Ted Turner/CNN) cover (more on that below). The camera he used was a Kodak Professional Digital Camera System (DCS)

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Apple Prices Slashed

On February 3rd, Apple announced price cuts, free deals for potentially irate customers, new PowerBooks, and the shipping of the Quadra 700 upgrade board. Price Cuts -- Those who have watched the Macintosh market over the past several years will not be surprised to learn that Apple has announced yet another round of list price reductions

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ClarisWorks Rave

This is not a review but a rave. It takes a lot to impress me these days, but I've been impressed by ClarisWorks. I'm not even all that likely to use it since I mostly do a ton of writing in Nisus and uAccess, but I suspect that if I need to do a compound document I'll use ClarisWorks

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PC in a Mac/SoftPC

I've been a serious slug on this one, and I'd like to apologize to Insignia Solutions for taking so long. Some time ago they sent me SoftPC to review and I checked it out fairly thoroughly..

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I can see wanting to run the occasional PC program on your Mac, after all, I just spent 45 minutes writing about just that topic above. But I'm less sure about wanting to run the occasional Mac program on your PC

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Microsoft Weird 4.00E

Word is starting to sound like Old MacDonald's Farm: "E I E I O." As promised, Microsoft released version 4.00E of Word to resolve problems with Word and the 68040 caches

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System 7 Bug

Perfect timing once again. Just after we send out our issue on System 7 with information about a couple of problems it has, another pops up. Apparently a few people, not a lot, have been having files and folders disappear mysteriously from their hard drives

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7 Introduction

by Eric Apgar - [email protected] Robert Hess - [email protected] Adam C. Engst - [email protected] and help from many others as well.... System 7 is without a doubt Apple's most ambitious system upgrade ever, giving us additional power and complexity

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Speed Increases

Although System 7 operates a little faster than System 6 in some cases, many find that it feels slower, especially in the Finder. Here are a few ways to increase your Mac's reaction time (playing video games on your Mac can help its eye/hand coordination too). Shape up your hard disk (1) Check your hard disk's interleave and reformat if necessary using appropriate formatting software