Hand holding a cone
We trust this wasn't actually spumoni pomodoro.

TidBITS Ice Cream Social at
Macworld New York 2000

The evening before Macworld Expo 2000 in New York, Adam coordinated the first TidBITS Ice Cream Social, with readers gathering in front of New York's Paramount Hotel (below) then proceeding to a nearby Ben & Jerry's for ice cream. Click the photos for larger and more complete views.

Attendees included several frequent contributors to TidBITS Talk, readers from as far away as Scotland, Finland, and Switzerland, plus Jacques Germans of the volunteer Dutch translation team and Elana Pick, who has helped with the Russian translation.

After ice cream, conversation continued well into the evening after commandeering the Paramount lobby; a good time was had by all, and it's an event we hope to continue in the years ahead.

Group Photo
Outside the Paramount -- That's Adam kneeling in front. The rest of you should bear in mind we have multiple redundant backups of this image should you ever decide to run for public office.

Ben and Jerry's sign PowerBook
Bright Lights, Big City -- Ah, the necessity of neon in the Big Apple! Sticky Keys -- An intrepid reader demonstrates that the lap-burning PowerBook G3s are compatible with ice cream.

Photos copyright 2000 Pekka Helos. Published 14-Aug-00 in conjunction with TidBITS 543.