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Two Hundred Issues?

I'm astonished. Two hundred issues is a lot, and I had no idea we would reach this mark, not because I ever planned to stop publishing TidBITS, but because I seldom think about the future in that respect

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Easy View Wins Award!

At Macworld Boston this past month, Akif Eyler's text-file browser Easy View won the 1993 MacUser Shareware Award for Text Tools, beating out Rich Siegel's excellent editor BBEdit and Mark Wall's DOCMaker

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Easy View 2.1

Forget all the product introductions at Macworld Expo. Akif Eyler of Turkey has made my summer. Akif recently put the finishing touches on a program called Easy View 2.1 that can, among other things, facilitate the reading of setext files

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Easy View 2.32 Released

I recently uploaded Easy View 2.32, the latest version of Akif Eyler's free structured text file browser. Easy View recognizes the following formats: setext, including TidBITS Info-Mac, comp.sys.mac.programmer, or similar digests Mail collections: Internet, Navigator, Notebook, etc. Text with "simple" format Dictionaries Plain text However, there's nothing new in that list - I just wanted to grab the interest of people who haven't yet come out from under their rocks to try Easy View

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Software Acceleration Comments

We received a number of well thought-out comments abut Roy McDonald's article on software acceleration in TidBITS #186. Although we don't have room for all of them, here are a few notes: Larry Rosenstein and several others disagreed with Roy's statement that "OOP is an obvious formula for inefficient code." Larry felt that this is a myth, pointing at the fact that the System 7 Finder is a new program that hasn't been optimized, in contrast to the System 6 Finder, which had gone through several iterations that would help speed it up

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Unix Setext Viewer

Those of you who read TidBITS or other setext files on Unix boxes may wish to check out a prototype setext viewer now posted at for anonymous FTP as info-mac/text/setext-viewer-02-unix.txt This 13K program, sv-02, requires System 5 and the curses library

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Info-Mac CD-ROM II: The Monster Archive

At first I thought of titling this "Info-Mac CD-ROM II: Economy Size," or even "Family Size" but I realized that those terms don't mean anything, and you only know that "Economy Size" is bigger if the bottle of ketchup so labeled is bigger than the one labeled merely "Super Big Bottle O' Ketchup." One way or another, the latest issue of the Info-Mac CD-ROM from Pacific HiTech is big, really big, and a lot bigger than the previous edition

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With the help of several users, Akif Eyler tracked down and eradicated a bug with styles in Easy View 2.32 that had escaped detection throughout the beta test process

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Easy View response time

Easy View response time -- Akif Eyler recently mentioned that email to his address in Turkey can take up to ten days to deliver, so if you have questions or comments about Easy View, don't worry if he doesn't reply immediately. Information from: Akif Eyler -- [email protected]

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Easy View 2.22

Akif Eyler recently released Easy View 2.22, a nice upgrade from version 2.1. Easy View 2.22 is a free program that indexes text files located in the same folder as the index document, and then allows you to browse and search through the set of files

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Level-headed Help from LEVEL 6 Computing

Do you support Macs for a living? If you do, you probably spend too much of your valuable time keeping track of software updates, time that otherwise could be spent using the updates or playing around with HTML

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Easy View 2.6.1

Easy View 2.6.1 -- Akif Eyler has released version 2.6.1 of his popular text viewing and cataloging application Easy View. In addition to being the pre-eminent application for viewing many digest and text file formats (including setext, the format in which TidBITS is distributed), Akif has added full AppleScript support and recordability, background searching, and command-click URLs (using Akif's Get URL BBEdit extension). view-261.hqx Using Easy View 2.6.1 with the Get URL extension, you can command-click URLs appearing in TidBITS or other files, including ftp, http, and gopher links, as well as the standardized file references appearing in the Info-Mac digest

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TidBITS History

The first issue of TidBITS is dated 16-Apr-90. I sit here, four years later, working on our 222nd issue, and think about all that has changed and all that has remained the same

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Easy View Spreads Out

The browser of choice for TidBITS has long been Easy View, Akif Eyler's simple setext browser for the Macintosh. That's not about to change any time soon, what with Akif's most recent update, Easy View 2.44, and those who enjoy TidBITS but read it on Windows or Unix systems might appreciate new programs that can browse setext files on those platforms. Before I get into the new features and fixes in Easy View, consider some of the features it has long had, including the capability to search for a word or phrase and extract all the matching articles to a text file and the capability to decode the styles used in our setext format (including bold, underline, and separate body and headlines styles, all of which are user-definable)

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TidBITS Nets Ninth Anniversary

This issue marks our ninth year of publication, and if anything, I remain all the more amazed that we're still publishing TidBITS. Flux runs rampant in the computer industry, and many Mac publications have come and gone