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More Dutch and Japanese Translators Wanted!

If you can read English and write in either Dutch or Japanese, we need your help in translating TidBITS!

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Dutch and Japanese Translators Wanted!

If you can read English and write in either Dutch or Japanese, we need your help in translating TidBITS!

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Wanted: Dutch Translators

Last quarter Apple saw strong Mac sales growth in Europe, which (among oodles of other things, I'm sure) means that there are more Dutch-speaking Mac users than ever before

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Windows XP Licensing for the Apple Boot Camper

Over at The Seattle Times, you can read a long feature I wrote about installing Windows XP Service Pack 2 in three ways on an Intel iMac: with Boot Camp, via Parallels, and using Q

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Wanted: Better Document Collaboration System

The TidBITS staff has been spending a vast amount of time and energy thinking about how we want to recast our collaborative editing system, but we haven't been able to come up with a solution that meets all of our needs and wants

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Creative Commons License Upheld in Dutch Court

Now this is interesting. The non-profit organization Creative Commons offers a set of copyright licenses that enable content creators to grant additional rights beyond those normally provided by copyright law - we publish TidBITS under a Creative Commons license (see "Seven Hundred Issues, a CMS, and Creative Commons" in TidBITS-700)

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Yojimbo 1.1 Adds Features, Fixes Bugs

Yojimbo 1.1 Adds Features, Fixes Bugs -- Bare Bones Software has released Yojimbo 1.1, the first update to the company's new information organizer (See "Let Yojimbo Guard Your Information Castle" in TidBITS-814)

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More Details on Ultrawideband (UWB) Speed

In last week's issue, I explained the upcoming UWB wireless technology, but I may have overstated its range. (See "Ultrawideband to Add New Wireless Options" in TidBITS-819.) In a coincidentally timed article at ZDNet, the head of the USB Implementers Forum states that UWB products will be available in the third quarter of 2006 that conform to Wireless USB standards for conveying USB 2.0 via UWB

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Blackberry Stays Juiced

Blackberry Stays Juiced -- Writing a few weeks ago, Patrick Dennis reviewed the Blackberry 7100i handheld (see "Putting Blackberries in Your PocketMac" in TidBITS-815) and noted that the device's slick email service was in danger of being shuttered due to a patent dispute between parent company Research In Motion (RIM) and NTP, Inc

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Security Update 2006-001 Validates Downloads

Responding with reasonable alacrity to the recent Leap-A and shell script exploits, Apple released Security Update 2006-001 last week, fixing a slew of problems

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Are Input Managers the Work of the Devil?

The recent flap over the Leap-A malware raises the question of whether Mac OS X is fulfilling its promise as a rock-solid system with a stable, unmodifiable base (see "Two Mac Malware Threats Sighted," elsewhere in this issue)

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MacBook Pro Ships at Higher Speeds

MacBook Pro Ships at Higher Speeds -- The MacBook Pro starts shipping last week with faster processors than promised. Apple said pre-orders started moving out 14-Feb-06 and will be available in retail Apple Stores and resellers

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Macworld Expo 2006 Superlatives

It's time once again for our annual look at the best, the worst, and the weirdest products from Macworld Expo. With over 361 booths, it's entirely possible we've missed some cool things, so please feel free to send your suggestions in to TidBITS Talk as well. Put Your Photos in the Loop -- With the help (and financial support) of long-time Macintosh evangelist Guy Kawasaki, FilmLoop enthusiastically showed off a new Internet-based "photocasting" product, which looks like a handy way to share easily updated streams of photos within a group such as a family, sports team, or club

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History Hound 1.9 Now Indexes and Searches RSS

History Hound 1.9 Now Indexes and Searches RSS -- Hot on the heels of SmileOnMyMac's new browseback (covered in TidBITS-810), St. Clair Software has released an update to HistoryHound, their utility for indexing and searching visited Web pages

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Internet Explorer Officially Fades Away

Although Apple's introduction of Safari caused Microsoft to put the Mac version of its Internet Explorer Web browser into "maintenance mode" way back in June 2003 - ceasing development while pledging to make bug fixes or patch security loopholes in the even-then-aging browser - Internet Explorer on the Mac has now officially come to the end of its life cycle