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Open Recent Office 2008 Docs by Date

Office 2008 applications like Word and Excel now list recently opened documents on a File > Open Recent submenu. Choose More from that menu, and you'll get a multifunction Project Gallery dialog. Click the Recent button at the top and then select a date range in the Dates list to find files that were last opened today, yesterday, earlier in the week, last week, and so forth. (The Settings pane in the Project Gallery dialog lets you set how many recently opened files show in the File > Open Recent submenu.)


ExtraBITS for 13-Jul-09

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Craig Hockenberry: What's Still Wrong with the App Store -- As the anniversary of the App Store approaches, outspoken iPhone developer Craig Hockenberry touches on the things Apple has improved with the App Store in the last year and then goes in depth on the significant issues that he and other iPhone developers still face. (Posted 2009-07-13)

Quicken For Mac Delayed Until 2010 -- Intuit has announced that the release date for the Mac-compatible version of their flagship product, Quicken Financial Life, has been pushed back to February 2010. The company had originally announced plans for an updated Mac version at Macworld Expo in January 2008. While customers are bound to be disappointed by the lengthy wait, Intuit says the delay results from efforts to better satisfy Mac users after receiving substantial feedback from beta testing. (Posted 2009-07-10)

Joe's Top Password Tips -- In this three-part article in Macworld, Joe Kissell shares some valuable password advice: how to create stronger passwords, how to manage passwords, and how to remember passwords (with or without the help of software). (Posted 2009-07-08)

Going Green(er) with the iPhone -- When TidBITS editor Rich Mogull convinced his old college professor - now a sustainability researcher - to switch to the iPhone, he never realized he was helping save the environment. Learn how to "reduce and reuse" the iPhone way. (Posted 2009-07-08)

Happy Birthday, App Store! -- It's been just one year since Apple launched the phenomenally successful iTunes App Store, and the company is celebrating. Within the iTunes Store, Apple has created a page highlighting some of the company's favorite apps, choosing from the over-50,000 apps currently available. (Link opens in iTunes.) (Posted 2009-07-07)

Google Apps Finally Leave Beta -- Google has announced that the Google Apps suite - Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs - will finally lose the "beta" designation that had ceased to mean, well, much of anything. (Gmail alone was in beta for 5 years.) Just as Google's "beta" tag had become meaningless, coming out of beta is equally devoid of meaning, with the change happening because Google came to appreciate that large enterprises are uninterested in using software that sounds as though it's still being tested. Users fond of Gmail's beta logo can re-enable it via Gmail Labs. (Posted 2009-07-07)

Macs Free from China's Web Filtering -- Macworld is reporting on China's recently passed law requiring all PCs sold in the country to be equipped with the filtering program Green Dam Youth Escort, controversial for its capability to block "sensitive political material." Yet, for the time being, Macs are exempt from the Web filtering as there is no Mac version of the software - an unusual advantage to being a minority platform. (Posted 2009-07-06)


New for iOS 8: TextExpander 3 with custom keyboard.
Set up short abbreviations which expand to larger bits of text,
such as “Tx” for “TextExpander”. With the new custom keyboard,
you can expand abbreviations in any app, including Safari and
Mail. <>