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  • 1Password


    Get 6 free months of 1Password for yourself ($18 value) or your family ($30 value).

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  • Aeon Timeline

    Aeon Timeline

    Save 25% on Aeon Timeline's app for helping writers and project managers track chronological data.

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  • Airfoil


    Save 20% on Rogue Amoeba's unique utility for sending audio to other Apple devices.

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  • Audio Hijack

    Audio Hijack

    Save 20% on Rogue Amoeba's powerful tool for recording audio from any source on your Mac.

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  • Banktivity


    Save 20% on the personal finance software that garnered the most votes in our 2016 survey.

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  • Black Ink

    Black Ink

    Save 20% on Red Sweater Software's dedicated app for downloading, solving, and printing crossword puzzles.

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  • Bookends


    Save 25% on Sonny Software's reference management tool, which helps you collect, annotate, curate, and cite published information.

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  • Boom 3D

    Boom 3D

    Save 25% on Global Delight's utility for increasing the volume of audio from your Mac.

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  • Capto


    Save 25% on Global Delight's screenshot and screen recording tool.

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  • ChronoSync


    Save $10 on Econ Technologies's backup and synchronization app. Also good on a bundle with the network helper app ChronoAgent.

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  • Clarion


    Save 20% on Red Sweater Software's quiz partner for interval ear training.

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  • CloudPull


    Save 20% on Golden Hill Software's backup utility for Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, and Contacts.

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  • Concealer


    Save 20% on BeLight Software's tool for encrypting and hiding files on your Mac.

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  • CopyPaste Pro

    CopyPaste Pro

    Save 30% on Plum Amazing's multiple clipboard and clipboard history utility.

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  • Data Backup

    Data Backup

    Save 25% on Prosoft Engineering's backup app, which can make simple, versioned, and cloned backups.

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  • Data Rescue

    Data Rescue

    Save 25% on Prosoft Engineering data recovery tool, which helps you recover lost or deleted files.

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  • Default Folder X

    Default Folder X

    Save $10 on new purchases and $5 on upgrades. St. Clair Software's utility enhances macOS Open and Save dialogs for faster navigation.

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  • DEVONagent Express

    DEVONagent Express

    Save 25% on the entry-level smart research assistant from DEVONtechnologies that makes searching the Web as easy as Spotlight.

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  • DEVONagent Pro

    DEVONagent Pro

    Save 25% on the powerful smart research assistant from DEVONtechnologies that helps you search multiple sources, provides relevant results, and creates reports.

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  • DEVONnote


    Save 25% on the smart notebook from DEVONtechnologies that lets you seamlessly mix notes and live data from the Web.

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  • DEVONsphere Express

    DEVONsphere Express

    Save 25% on DEVONtechnologies' menubar utility for finding content—email, articles, and Web pages—on your Mac or on the Web that's related to what you're working on.

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  • DEVONthink Personal

    DEVONthink Personal

    Save 25% on the basic level information assistant from DEVONtechnologies.

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  • DEVONthink Pro

    DEVONthink Pro

    Save 25% on DEVONthink Pro, which adds multiple databases and features for viewing email, working with CSV files and RSS feeds, and importing address books.

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  • DEVONthink Pro Office

    DEVONthink Pro Office

    Save 25% on DEVONthink Pro Office, which adds features for importing email, scanning documents, and Web sharing.

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  • Disk Drill Pro

    Disk Drill Pro

    Save 30% on this data recovery utility from Clever Files, which can recover data from USB flash drives, memory cards, cameras, camcorders, ebook readers, and more.

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  • Drive Genius

    Drive Genius

    Save 25% on Prosoft Engineering's storage enhancement tool, which provides 18 essential features for drive protection, maintenance, and performance.

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  • DropDMG


    Save 20% on C-Command's disk image utility, which makes it easy to create professional-looking disk images.

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  • EagleFiler


    Save 20% on C-Command's elegant information archiving tool, which is ideal for notes, files, and email.

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  • Essential


    Save 30% on Plum Amazing's multipurpose utility that provides text expansion, multiple clipboards, notes, reminders, and more.

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  • Farrago


    Save 20% on Rogue Amoeba's soundboard app, which lets you quickly play sound bites, audio effects, and music clips from your Mac.

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  • FastScripts


    Save 20% on Red Sweater Software's utility for scripters, which provides instant access to your scripts, by keyboard or menubar.

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  • Fetch


    Save 20% on one of the first Internet apps for the Mac, and a rock-solid file transfer client with support for multiple protocols.

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  • Fission


    Save 20% on Rogue Amoeba's elegant audio editing app.

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  • FlexTime


    Save 20% on Red Sweater Software's versatile timer and alarm app.

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  • Get Backup Pro

    Get Backup Pro

    Save 20% on BeLight Software's backup utility, which supports both bootable duplicates and archived backups, plus folder syncing.

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  • HoudahGeo


    Save 25% on Houdah Software's helpful tool for photographers, which lets you assign geotags to your photos.

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  • HoudahSpot


    Save 25% on Houdah Software's search enhancement utility, which provides a power-user interface to Spotlight searches.

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  • iClock


    Save 30% on Plum Amazing's menubar replacement clock, which provides nearly every time-related feature you can imagine.

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  • iThoughtsX


    Save 20% on toketaWare's mind-mapping app, which you can use to take notes, brainstorm ideas, set goals, and more.

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  • iWatermark Pro

    iWatermark Pro

    Save 30% on Plum Amazing's digital watermarking utility, which helps protect your photos and artwork.

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  • Keyboard Maestro

    Keyboard Maestro

    Save 20% on the essential macro utility from Stairways Software for automating everything on your Mac—text entry, mouse clicks, system events, and more.

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  • KeyCue


    Save 25% on Ergonis's keyboard shortcut discovery utility, which reveals all the shortcuts in every app.

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  • LaunchBar


    Save 20% on the keyboard launcher from Objective Development that gives you instant access to everything on your Mac.

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  • Loopback


    Save 20% on Rogue Amoeba virtual mixing board, which makes it easy to pass audio between applications on your Mac.

    More Info

  • Mail Archiver X

    Mail Archiver X

    Save 20% on Moth Software's app for archiving old messages from most major email clients on the Mac.

    More Info

  • MarsEdit


    Save 20% on Red Sweater Software's blog editing and posting tool.

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  • Moneydance


    Save 40% on the personal finance software that was the highest-rated app in our 2016 survey.

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  • Nisus Writer Express

    Nisus Writer Express

    Save 25% on Nisus Software's entry-level word processor, which shares Nisus Writer Pro's interface but lacks some of its advanced features.

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  • Nisus Writer Pro

    Nisus Writer Pro

    Save 25% on the insanely powerful word processor used for all Take Control books.

    More Info

  • Password Wallet

    Password Wallet

    Save 25% on Selznick Scientific Software's simple password manager for the Mac.

    More Info

  • PDFpen


    Save 25% on Smile's entry-level PDF editing and manipulation software that still boasts OCR and export to Word.

    More Info

  • PDFpenPro


    Save 25% on Smile's full-featured PDF editing and manipulation software, which adds PDF form creation tools and export to Excel and PowerPoint.

    More Info

  • PhotoShrinkr


    Save 30% on Plum Amazing's image optimization tool, which adjusts JPEG and PNG images to have the highest quality at the smallest size.

    More Info

  • Picture Rescue

    Picture Rescue

    Save 25% on Prosoft Engineering's photo recovery tool, which can recover images from a camera media card that you've deleted or reformatted or that has become corrupt.

    More Info

  • Piezo


    Save 20% on Rogue Amoeba's super-simple utility for recording audio that's ideal if Audio Hijack is overkill.

    More Info

  • PixelStick


    Save 30% on Plum Amazing measurement utility, which helps you determine distances, angles, and colors on the screen.

    More Info

  • PopChar X

    PopChar X

    Save 25% on Ergonis character discovery utility, which helps you find and enter special characters in any font.

    More Info

  • Qbserve


    Save 25% on QotoQot's time-tracking software, which tracks your usage automatically and provides detailed reports.

    More Info

  • Retrospect


    Save 25% on any backup product, including Retrospect Solo, Retrospect Desktop, Retrospect Single Server, and Retrospect Multi Server.

    More Info

  • Scrivener


    Save 25% on either the Mac or Windows version of the powerful writing studio from Literature & Latte.

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  • Simon


    Save $40 on Dejal's flexible Internet site monitoring tool, which is essential for checking servers for changes or failures. Also save $20 on upgrades.

    More Info

  • SizzlPix


    Save 20% on SizzlPix high-definition photographic prints infused onto an aluminum base in sizes ranging from 18 to 72 inches.

    More Info

  • Solid PDF to Word

    Solid PDF to Word

    Save 25% on this conversion utility from Solid Documents, which can convert PDF files into Word, Pages, RTF, HTML, or text files. It can also extract data to Excel.

    More Info

  • SoundSource


    Save 20% on the sound utility from Rogue Amoeba that gives you menubar control over your audio input, output, and effects.

    More Info

  • SpamSieve


    Save 20% on C-Command spam filtering tool, which does a significantly better job identifying and eliminating spam than many Mac email clients.

    More Info

  • Storyspace


    Save 25% on the innovative hypertext editor from Eastgate Systems that we first used in 1988.

    More Info

  • Swift Publisher

    Swift Publisher

    Save 20% on BeLight Software's layout app, which provides powerful but easy-to-use tools for creating brochures, flyers, and newsletters.

    More Info

  • Take Control Books

    Take Control Books

    Save 30% on any order of Take Control books from Joe Kissell, Glenn Fleishman, Michael Cohen, Scholle McFarland, and our other friends at Take Control.

    More Info

  • Tembo


    Save 25% on Houdah Software's Spotlight enhancement, which provides a friendly interface for drilling down into Spotlight search results.

    More Info

  • Timing


    Save 25% on the time-tracking and billing app Timing, which is ideal for anyone who needs to bill clients, create timesheets, or just see how you're using your Mac.

    More Info

  • Tinderbox


    Save 25% on Eastgate Systems' note-taking tool that helps you visualize, analyze, and organize your research.

    More Info

  • TinyAlarm


    Save 30% on Plum Amazing's utility that provides customizable alarms in your Mac's menubar.

    More Info

  • TinyCal


    Save 30% on another menubar utility from Plum Amazing that lets you work with iCloud and Google calendars right from the menubar.

    More Info

  • Typinator


    Save 25% on Ergonis's powerful text-expansion utility, which helps you type complex words and phrases more quickly.

    More Info

  • Volume Manager

    Volume Manager

    Save 30% on Plum Amazing's networking utility, which helps you work with SMB and AFP volumes on your Mac.

    More Info

  • yKey


    Save 30% on Plum Amazing's macro and automation software for the Mac.

    More Info