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Images Now in TidBITS HTML Edition

by Adam C. Engst

As those who read TidBITS on our Web site or in RSS are aware, we're increasingly using screenshots of Mac and iPhone applications to illustrate what we're saying in the article. In the text edition of TidBITS, those graphics are represented purely by normal links to files in the /resources directory of our Web site. Until this week, we've replaced the images in the HTML edition with a [View Image] link to the original on the Web.

Those [View Image] links have been bothering us, so we've finally replaced them with the actual images, loaded from our Web site when you open the email message containing the issue. If you have turned off image loading, you'll see whatever placeholder your email client uses. Clicking an image displays it at full size in your Web browser.

We've also tweaked the encoding on our issues so we can finally use accented characters and other special symbols in both the text and HTML editions of TidBITS. That's right, we can now spell Exposé properly, and we can give prices in pounds (£) as necessary. There's only one minor caveat - the euro symbol (€) displays properly in the HTML editions of TidBITS, but is replaced in the text edition by a ? because it isn't supported in the ISO-8859-1 encoding we're using for text email.

If you're currently subscribed to the plain text edition of TidBITS but would like to switch to the HTML edition so you can see images inline, click the Email link under Get TidBITS Via in the left-side navigation bar of our Web site (or just visit our mailing list management page [1]), log in using the email address with which you're subscribed, select "TidBITS Issue (HTML)," deselect other editions as necessary, and click the Submit link.

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