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Cull Graphics Quickly with Preview

You're faced with a folder full of images, and you need to sort through them, trashing some number and keeping the rest. For a quick way to do that, select them all, and open them in Preview (in Leopard, at least). You'll get a single window with each graphic as an item in the drawer. Use the arrow keys to move from image to image, and when you see one you want to trash, press Command-Delete to move it from its source folder to the Finder's Trash. (Delete by itself just removes the picture from Preview's drawer.)


DealBITS Drawing: Win a Copy of FotoMagico Pro 3

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Thanks to writing seven editions of my "iPhoto Visual QuickStart Guide" since iPhoto's launch, I've talked to a vast number of iPhoto users. One common theme among those conversations is dissatisfaction with iPhoto's slideshow capabilities, even as Apple has enhanced them over the years. You can't add text to a photo in an iPhoto slideshow, or add narration, for instance, both of which are frequently requested features.

A powerful answer to iPhoto's slideshow limitations comes from Boinx Software, in the form of FotoMagico 3, which comes in Home and Pro editions. At a basic level, the $29 FotoMagico Home starts with essentially the same features as iPhoto, but builds from there. You can add images from iPhoto or the Finder, mix still images with movies, apply the Ken Burns Effect to pan and zoom on both still images and movies, put text titles on top of your photos, use jitter-free transitions, and lots more. Apart from just showing your slideshow in FotoMagico, you can also export it to YouTube, a Web-based movie, or for display on a DVD, iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV.

But while FotoMagico Home can do much of what most people might want, the $149 FotoMagico Pro adds the truly cool features, like being able to record narration directly within the program, watermark images during the slideshow, and display a teleprompter on one screen while showing images on another. FotoMagico Pro also extends the export options significantly and comes with a license for Boinx's PhotoPresenter, which lets users make template-based slideshows in seconds.

So if you want to win one of three copies of FotoMagico Pro 3.0, each worth $149, enter at the DealBITS page. All information gathered is covered by our comprehensive privacy policy. Remember too, that if someone you refer to this drawing wins, you'll receive the same prize as a reward for spreading the word.


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