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GraphicConverter 7.0

Lemke Software has released GraphicConverter 7.0, a substantial upgrade to the popular image conversion and editing powerhouse. The new version sports GraphicConverter's first major new coat of paint in years; it has finally shed the Classic look in favor of a modern, Cocoa-based interface. Beyond the major makeover, GraphicConverter 7.0 introduces a few new features. It now shows images' embedded geodata on a map, offers a new window for converting multiple files at once, provides stepless zooming of preview images, better organizes the preferences screen, and offers improved support for computers with multiple processors. GraphicConverter 7.0 requires Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or higher. ($34.95 new, $29.95 upgrade, 100.0 MB)


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Comments about GraphicConverter 7.0
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Another app not worth upgrading. 34.00 bucks for brand new, 30 bucks for upgrade. Who's getting the short end of the stick on this one.
Glenn Fleishman  2010-10-02 19:29
You can also use it without paying; you just have to wait a long time for it to get through a "please page" pay after you launch.

It's well worth the money, and the upgrade is fantastic. The interface is better, and a number of annoyances have disappeared.
Mark Gary Blumenthal MD MPH  2010-10-02 03:23
I can use Graphic Converter to inexpensively accomplish nearly everything that I would otherwise do using one of the Adobe photography programs at greater cost. IMHO, GC represents a bargain in part because upgrades are relatively inexpensive, whereas Adobe's usually cost a small fortune.
Jim Austin  2010-10-02 22:49
I use Graphic Converter daily, therefore I don't mind paying $30 for the upgrade if for nothing else than to help support a great programmer.
Customer service is great, too. When our Mac crashed and we lost our serial numbers Lemkesoft still had a record of our purchase and resent the license.
Ko van Hespen  2010-10-04 07:42
I have been using GraphicConverter for more then 10 years, right along with Photoshop, for all those little finicky jobs, batch downsizing large formats, contactsheets, etc. The programme has it's quirks and a few things I still haven't figured out what they are for - like the isothermal involution. But for all the other stuff, it's great value!
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2010-10-04 08:06
I think isothermal involution is used for visualizing global climate change. :-)
Glenn Fleishman  2010-10-04 08:10
The only problem I've had is that I still can't rotate CMYK TIFF images correctly that were converted in Photoshop. Photoshop handles them fine, but GraphicConverter distorts the image and makes them unreadable in other apps.
Patrick Skelly  2010-10-04 20:47
I will certainly invest in the new release of Graphic Converter. It has long been a vital program in my work. But what is unclear is the difference between the $30. upgrade and the $35./$40. FULL release.

If it is simply the absence of all the language supports in the upgrade, I will gladly save the money.

I am neither Luddite nor an isolationist, but I do not have non-English language needs in the realm of image manipulation.

My fault is that I read advertising promos carefully,in order to identify what is not said. And so I wait a while to await details of the UNFULL upgrade.
Looking at the GC website, upgrades are $23.95. A slightly better deal than referenced in the article.
Henning  2010-10-05 08:22
Pricing depends on where you look. and prices differ. But I cannot find $23.95, only €23.95, which is close to $33 these days. There is a $25.95 price, though.
Jerry Wilcox  2010-10-06 17:19
It should also be noted that GC7 requires an Intel Mac, leaving those of us with Power PC Macs in the dust.
Figaro  2010-10-08 17:56
No worries, as GC6 will suffice for many years to come.
A short trial wit GC 7 showed it to be much slower then version 6(.7.4). Some functions, like the Slide Show have significantly less possibilities then in precious functions.

I use GC 6 alot (though not all capabilities) and v7 seems to me to be mostly a decorative and 40% bigger update.
Karl Sherlock  2010-11-07 12:05
Like others, I've used GC for many, many years and have enjoyed free upgrades until the 7.0. So, I can't complain about paying for a new version. And, Lemke's customer service is amazing. However, at present, the latest version is unusable and it's lost what intuitive functionality it once had. There's a reduction in toolbox features (why would drawing or selecting circular areas be omitted?) and keyboard shortcuts, but the worst change is the overdependency on slide menus instead of just being able to input numerical data myself. The rectangular select tool doesn't work properly and won't let me alter dimensions and scale correctly either. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to dis-install 7.0 altogether until a future iteration of the program shows improvements. There's just too big a learning curve needed to adapt to it, and I'm not confident I'll be any happier if I do adapt. Sorry. I'm usually Lemke-loyal and don't post negative comments about GC; this time is the exception.