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iPhoto ’11 9.1 Brings Calendars Back

Apple’s omission of support for creating and printing calendars in iPhoto ’11 was odd, and the company would initially say only that calendar support would return “very soon.” (See “iLife ’11 Updates Three of Its Apps,” 20 October 2010.) Given the popularity of calendars as holiday gifts just before the new year, we were forced to recommend that anyone planning to create a calendar for the holiday season hold off from upgrading to iPhoto ’11 (and the bug that caused photos to be deleted in the 9.0 release didn’t help either).

Luckily, two weeks after the initial release of iPhoto ’11, iPhoto ’11 9.1 has now realized Apple’s “very soon.” This also comes less than a week after the 9.0.1 release that resolved the photo deletion bug (which may have been related to incorrect permissions within the iPhoto Library package, according to one site). You can download the new version directly from Apple’s Web site or get it from Software Update.

Apple says that iPhoto 9.1 not only provides the capability to create and order calendars, it also makes available additional letterpress holiday greeting card themes. The only other change mentioned is a fix for an issue that prevented videos downloaded from MobileMe or Flickr from importing correctly into iPhoto events.

Frankly, I’ll be upgrading my iPhoto Library on my main Mac now, and look forward to digging into the changes in a more-than-cursory way, since before this I didn’t dare commit to an upgrade that would play havoc with my calendar gift plans.


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Comments about iPhoto ’11 9.1 Brings Calendars Back
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Michael Paine  2010-11-07 13:01
Ability to launch Apple Mail with selected photos is gone. A much-less-useful iPhoto mail app has replaced it. Search Apple Discussions for a cumbersome fix.
Bryan Pietrzak  2010-11-08 14:00
I don't quite get the outrage over this one... select the photos you want to mail and drag them to the Mail icon in the Dock.
Not being able to display photos in full screen without menus or other interferences will keep me away from this version of iPhoto, and I've used all of them up to iPhoto 09 which I am happy with.
Until iPhoto works even marginally well with networked drives, it's useless in any professional capacity. Who has room on their laptop for 5000 images (which is a *small* family-sized collection)? I'd be happy if Apple just fixed the bug that won't allow keywords to show under images.
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2010-11-09 12:43
Well, Apple would say you should be using Aperture for any professional capacity. :-)

I haven't tested iPhoto '11 with a networked drive yet; it certainly worked before but required a gigabit Ethernet network and fast Macs for reasonable performance.