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Firefox 4

by Lex Friedman

Mozilla has released Firefox 4 [1]. The upgrade sports a revamped user interface and runs atop the Gecko 2.0 engine. According to Mozilla, that means it’s up to six times faster at running JavaScript than the previous version of the browser, and now offers vastly improved support for HTML5 and CSS3. Firefox now supports the Do Not Track [2] header, enables Firefox Sync by default, supports Google’s WebM video format, and handles plug-in crashes more gracefully. Lengthy release notes [3] are available at Mozilla’s Web site. Note that Firefox 4 requires Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or higher, running on an Intel-based Mac (those who are still running 10.4 Tiger or with PowerPC-based Macs should stick with Firefox 3.6 [4]) (Free, 26.8 MB)