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Opening a Folder from the Dock

Sick of the dock on Mac OS X Leopard not being able to open folders with a simple click, like sanity demands and like it used to be in Tiger? You can, of course click it, and then click again on Open in Finder, but that's twice as many clicks as it used to be. (And while you're at it, Control-click the folder, and choose both Display as Folder and View Content as List from the contextual menu. Once you have the content displaying as a list, there's an Open command right there, but that requires Control-clicking and choosing a menu item.) The closest you can get to opening a docked folder with a single click is Command-click, which opens its enclosing folder. However, if you instead put a file from the docked folder in the Dock, and Command-click that file, you'll see the folder you want. Of course, if you forget to press Command when clicking, you'll open the file, which may be even more annoying.

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Apple to Unveil Lion, iOS 5, and iCloud in WWDC Keynote

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In a press release this morning, Apple said that CEO Steve Jobs and “a team of Apple executives” would give the keynote at next week’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Jobs’s appearance comes despite his medical leave of absence, which is good news, and although this is the first time Apple has specifically called out the “team of Apple executives,” the reality is that nearly every keynote of recent years has been a tag-team effort.

More interesting is Apple’s statement that the keynote will unveil not just Mac OS X Lion, but also iOS 5 and iCloud. iOS 5 is of course the next version of the mobile operating system underlying the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, and although it was obvious that Apple would be updating iOS 4, this is the first public mention of iOS 5 from Apple. Although Apple said nothing about the iPhone 5 — and has yet to mention the next version of the iPhone in public — it’s likely that the iPhone 5 and iOS 5 will ship simultaneously.

And lastly, though the term “iCloud” has been much bandied about since it was learned in late April that Apple had acquired the domain name from the Swedish firm Xcerion, this Apple announcement is the first public confirmation of the rumors that iCloud would be the name of Apple’s upcoming cloud-services offering.

Speculation has run rampant regarding exactly what iCloud will offer, with many suggesting that it will be an online music service along the lines of Amazon’s Cloud Player (see “Amazon Puts Your Music in the Cloud,” 2 April 2011) and Google Music, with the big exception being that Apple has reportedly signed licenses with most of the major recording labels such that users will not have to upload all of their music, as is necessary with Amazon’s and Google’s services.

We’re more hoping to see iCloud knit together new features in both Lion and iOS 5 such that file transfer between Macs and iOS devices becomes as easy as using Dropbox. (Not that we wish Dropbox any ill will at all, of course, just that Apple’s file transfer approach with iOS has been so bad that it makes one long for the interface of Font/DA Mover.)

But there’s no point in speculating further — we’ll all know more next Monday, 6 June 2011, at 10 AM Pacific time, when Jobs and the other Apple executives take the stage at WWDC. Until then…


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Comments about Apple to Unveil Lion, iOS 5, and iCloud in WWDC Keynote

Ken Cohen  2011-05-31 18:59
Font/DA Mover: takes me back to a time when my one year old son (now a high school computer science teacher) would sit on my lap happily swatting the keyboard of my first Mac while I typed away. Anyway, Adam, you're absolutely right about Dropbox. I've actually fantasizes a bit about Apple buying the company and replacing the aging iDisk with something a great deal better.
Who cares ABOUT Mr. Jobs? The man who is taking Apple, well... The classic, do it my way or hit the Highway!
Peter Hillman  2011-06-01 11:42
Considering Apple is one of the most profitable companies during a recession, it is clear that his way obviously works.
Dennis B. Swaney  2011-06-08 08:52
Ah, but that is because they are now targeting the pre-teen/teen market instead of serious users. If they could get away with it, Apple would probably dump the Mac and it's OS in a heartbeat.