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Type “Let It Snow” into Google

by Adam C. Engst

It has been an unusually warm fall and winter here in upstate New York, with only a few dustings of snow so far, and many sunny days. But I’m feeling a little more weather-engaged with the holiday season thanks to Google’s latest Easter egg… or perhaps “stocking stuffer” would be a better analogy.

Just type “let it snow” into a Google search field in most browsers (not all versions of Internet Explorer may work), and along with the results for Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra performing in YouTube videos, snowflakes will start to fall gently from the top of the window. Leave it for a few more seconds and the window will start to fog up. You can clear it by clicking and “scrubbing” with the cursor, or just click the Defrost button for an instant fix. Now if only this worked with!

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If you’d like to decorate your search window for the holidays, just type either “Christmas” or “Hanukkah” into a Google search field; the results page displays a row of Christmas tree lights or Star of David symbols at the top. Alas, I couldn’t figure any way to get Google to snow on either Christmas or Hanukkah. (After I wrote this, Google also added multicolored candles to the search results page if you enter “Kwanzaa”.)

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Google has a history of little tricks like this, like knocking your window off-kilter when you search on “askew” or “tilt”. Mashable has a presentation of a number of other Google tricks [4].

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