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Firmware Updates for iMac, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air

Apple has released another batch of firmware updates similar in scope to the trio of updates from several weeks ago (see “Firmware Updates for Mac mini, MacBook, and 13-inch MacBook Pro,” 25 January 2012). The new iMac EFI Firmware Update 1.8 (mid 2010 models), MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update 2.6 (early 2010 models), and MacBook Air EFI Firmware Update 2.3 (late 2010 models) updates, like the previous set, enable Lion Recovery from an Internet connection (and all of them require Mac OS X 10.7.3 or later). Additionally, the MacBook Air update fixes an issue where the system could restart if the power button was pressed while waking from deep sleep. As with any firmware update, you should read the installation instructions carefully before installing. To ensure you get an update only if it’s necessary, we recommend relying on Software Update; if an update doesn’t appear for you, it’s not appropriate for your Mac. (Free, 3 MB)


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Comments about Firmware Updates for iMac, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air
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Dr Rob Schertzer  2012-02-09 11:21
I flashed the firmware upgrade this morning for my late 2010 MacBook Air and it is now bricked. Can't boot beyond a grayish blue background. Resetting PRAM doesn't fix it and Recovery Mode won't even launch. Great upgrade - AVOID!!!!!
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2012-02-09 14:25
That's bad! Thanks for the warning - what has Apple Support said about it?
Dr Rob Schertzer  2012-02-09 14:52
Brought it to local Apple repair store,, and they said those firmware updates are always risky. I'll know more when they are done with it but I did read other forums saying that Lion might need to be reinstalled from an external drive. The new firmware update was to enable over the internet Lion recovery but recovery mode doesn't work at all.
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2012-02-10 08:23
If the Mac is truly bricked, then reinstalling Lion won't even be possible, so hopefully it's just something at the OS level, rather than the firmware level. I haven't received any other complaints about this one yet, so here's hoping it was just cosmic rays.
Paul Hinsberg  2012-02-15 13:54
Any update? Just ran into the same thing...
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2012-02-16 08:18
No, you're only the second report now. You're going to have to talk with Apple Support, I fear, but please do report back on what they say.