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Mac OS X 10.7.5 Lion

Apple brings an added measure of security to Mac OS X Lion with the inclusion of Gatekeeper in the Mac OS X 10.7.5 update. (If you haven't been keeping up with Gatekeeper or other new features included in 10.8 Mountain Lion, see Rich Mogull’s “Gatekeeper Slams the Door on Mac Malware Epidemics,” 16 February 2012.) Note, however, that Gatekeeper isn’t called out very visibly on the Security and Privacy preference pane in System Preferences. You’ll find it in the General pane under “Allow applications downloaded from,” with “Mac App Store and identified developers” being the default setting. The update also resolves an issue where icons in Launchpad could be rearranged after a restart, improves Wi-Fi reliability for iMac models released in 2009 or later, fixes an issue using Spotlight to search an SMB server, and improves compatibility with Active Directory servers. It’s available via Software Update (894.3 MB) or via direct download in two flavors — a Client version for those running 10.7.4 (1.14 GB) and a Client Combo version for those running previous versions of Lion (1.91 GB). (Free update)


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The control is actually in System Preferences - Security & Privacy - General . Allow applications from anywhere is the default on my 10.7.5 update.
Jeff Weber  2012-09-20 19:02
Nothing but problems with this update. Running on 15 inch mid-2010 MacBook Pro. After I installed the 10.7.5 update, the system started dropping network shares and applications were freezing all over the place. Re-installed 10.7.4 and now everything is running smoothly again.
10.7.5 is defective. Apple Customer Service had no pre-notice of its release.
2008 Mac Pro 3.2 GHz Dual Quad-Core; 2 Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT video cards driving 4 Dell UltraSharp 20" monitors; monitors used in vertical orientation.
After 10.7.5 load, Mac Pro crashed on startup until PRAM was reset. After PRAM was reset 1 of 8800's will only feed its 2 monitors in horizontal orientation; a reset of the display preferences for these two monitors results in the monitors going black. 16 secs after going dark the two monitors reappear with horizontal orientation.
No known fix.
After upgrading to 10.7.5 (MacPro 5.1 dual 2.93 6 core) sync (apparently) is screwed up on 2nd monitor; have to disconnect and then reconnect monitor and then all is well.
d.sprinter  2012-10-04 22:04
Yes, I too have had all kinds of problems with 10.7.5. I had so many problems that I had to roll back to 10.7.4. (Fortunately, I still the 10.7.2 installer, since when I erased my hard drive and tried to install 10.7.5 from scratch.) Apparently, there is a new Supplemental Update, but you don’t need it if you have 10.7.5 Build 11G56. When I check my build for 10.7.4, I see I have Build 11E53.

Does anyone know how to get Build 11G56? Or does our machines only download certain builds? After rolling back to 10.7.4, I don’t want to deal with installing 10.7.5, and then a supplement, only to find out that I still have problems.

Is there any way to check a dmg for build version?