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Yojimbo 4.0.1

by Agen G. N. Schmitz

Bare Bones Software has released Yojimbo 4.0.1 [1], squashing a number of reported bugs following the information organizer’s recent major update (see “Yojimbo 4.0 Adds Syncing… But Not Via iCloud [2],” 14 August 2013). The release makes some account-related adjustments (for instance, enabling you to see if you’ve successfully entered the code for the monthly syncing subscription), fixes a bug where using the Duplicate command would “result in havoc” following a sync, and resolves a problem where items synced to Yojimbo for iPad would occasionally be unreadable. (Speaking of which, Yojimbo for iPad has been updated to version 1.1.1 with enhancements for iOS 7.) Additionally, the release notes [3] include details on what to do should an old version of Missing Sync for Windows Mobile prevent a database migration from being completed. ($30 new, $20 upgrade, free update from version 4.0, 7.7 MB)