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Quicken 2015 for Mac 2.2

Intuit has released version 2.2 of its Quicken 2015 for Mac financial software (recently reviewed by Glenn Fleishman; see “Quicken 2015: Close, But Not Yet Acceptable,” 2 October 2014) with a number of improvements and fixes. The update adds a new feature to aid in setting up automatic downloads for existing accounts from either Quicken Windows or Quicken for Mac 2007. It also improves the Download Matching feature for transactions both manually entered and downloaded from the same account, adds the capability to merge securities in the Security List, adds support for importing multiple existing accounts from prior Quicken releases into a Quicken 2015 for Mac file, and adds a Control-O keyboard shortcut to open a register or report in a new window. The release also fixes multiple issues related to importing accounts from previous Quicken versions, squashes a bug in the Bill Reminder that produced an incorrect projected balance, and provides multiple fixes and improvements to mobile sync. Note that as of this writing, Quicken 2015 for Mac was still stuck at version 2.1.1 in the Mac App Store, but Intuit promises the latest release will be available soon. ($74.99 new, free update, release notes, 10.7+)


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Comments about Quicken 2015 for Mac 2.2
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Paul Brown  An apple icon for a TidBITS Contributor 2014-11-10 07:09
Thanks for the update on Quicken 2015. And thank you also for Glenn's review of Quicken 2015 on 2 October 2014. I still won't be in any rush to purchase version 2.2 of Quicken 2015 -- I'll keep creaking along with 2007.
On the one hand, I'm glad to see that Intuit is paying some attention, and is apparently putting some resources and effort into getting Q2015 working better. But on the other hand, I wonder how much more of Q2015 is still needing to be fixed, and how much more effort Intuit will be willing to put into it going forward.
When Quicken stopped supporting the Mac I switched to iBank. I am now running iBank 5. Is there any reason to go back to the new Quicken for Mac? [N.B. I am not a techie - I just want things to work as advertised!!] Thank you.
Steve Nicholson  2014-11-12 15:28
Thanks for keeping us posted on Quicken. Once they support Bill Pay and choosing lots when selling an investment I’ll take a look.