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Evernote 6.0.6

Evernote has released version 6.0.6 of its eponymous information management app with improvements for Spotlight search and advanced search, as well as a reduction in CPU usage when indexing. These search improvements will require you to reindex notes, which could impact performance temporarily. The update also improves the reliability of Evernote’s attachment infrastructure, adds a Presentation Mode Auto-Layout feature that easily divides presentations into multiple slides, and fixes a number of crashes. As of this writing, the Mac App Store edition of Evernote was still sitting at version 6.0.5. (Free from Evernote or the Mac App Store, 59.7 MB, release notes, 10.7.5+)


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Frank Satterwhite  2015-02-09 04:11
I originally bought Evernote using I can no longer receive email at this address and therefore cannot change my password. I have this problem with various programs every once in awhile.
Can anyone tell me how I can re-establish contact with my new email address ( so as to get updates etc at this and various other programs?
Thank you
Frank Satterwhite
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2015-02-09 09:47
Here are the instructions, Frank.!/article/23298016
Frank Satterwhite  2015-02-09 21:03
Thank you