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ChronoSync 4.6.2 and ChronoAgent 1.5.3

Econ Technologies has released ChronoSync 4.6.2 and ChronoAgent 1.5.3 with a variety of improvements for the synchronization and backup apps. Both ChronoSync and ChronoAgent improve progress reporting when copying package files, fix a bug that would perform a full copy rather than a merge for files in an HFS-compressed package, resolve an issue that could cause post-sync volume ejection to fail if the Synchronizer Document performing the task was open, and relax internal constraints regarding the maximum length of file paths. Additionally, ChronoSync 4.6.2 adds an option to probe all routes to a host when multiple routes exist; fixes a bug with the Delete, Rename and Duplicate functions that could cause crashes when Container Documents were open; patches some minor memory leaks; and fixes an issue that aborted sync/backup tasks with NAS devices if they reported erroneous file system information. (Free updates for both apps; $49.99 new for ChronoSync with a 20 percent discount for TidBITS members, 28.4 MB, release notes, 10.8+; $14.99 new for ChronoAgent, 10.3 MB, release notes, 10.8+)


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