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Evernote 6.5

by Agen G. N. Schmitz

Evernote has released version 6.5 of its eponymous information management app [1] with a change to using Command-Shift-> and Command-Shift-< to increase or decrease font size, enabling the app to use Command-Shift-+ and Command-Shift-- (minus) for a new Zoom feature that’s in beta. If you’ve installed the direct download edition from the Evernote Web site, you can turn on the Zoom feature by going to Preferences > Software Update and selecting Enable Zoom. Additionally, direct download users can access a new Code Block feature, which takes any selected text and converts it to a monospaced font and creates a gray background around the line of text (turn this on in Preferences > Software Update as well). Users of the Mac App Store edition will have to wait for a later version for both of these beta features.

Evernote 6.5 fixes a bug that prevented checkboxes from printing, resolves an issue where tags with periods or other symbols wouldn’t be found in the tag filter, and improves initial Mac setup performance for accounts with over 1,000 tags. As of this writing, Evernote remains stalled at version 6.4 in the Mac App Store [2]. (Free from Evernote or the Mac App Store, 51.6 MB, release notes [3], 10.9+)