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Microsoft Office 2016 15.19.1

Microsoft has issued version 15.19.1 of its Office 2016 suite with some improvements and patches for security vulnerabilities. In Outlook, the release restores the keyboard shortcut for Forward Message (Command+J), ensures the Cancel Meeting command on the ribbon and the Message list filters on the View menu work correctly, and maintains Read or Unread status when a message is moved to another folder. The update also adds more commands to the Quick Access toolbar (such as New, Print, and Save), opens older format files (.doc, .xls, and .ppt) as read-only on NFS share directories, and retains a Word file’s name when printed to PDF (instead of displaying Untitled.pdf). Although Microsoft doesn't say mention this, reader Tom Gewecke tells us that the update to Word also includes improvements in support for Hebrew and Arabic. On the security front, Office 2016 15.19.1 patches several memory corruption vulnerabilities that could allow remote code execution. ($149.99 for one-time purchase, free update through Microsoft AutoUpdate, release notes, 10.10+)


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Comments about Microsoft Office 2016 15.19.1
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Tom Gewecke  2016-02-22 10:21
Although MS does not mention it, it looks like this update also contains significant improvements in Word support of Arabic/Hebrew, which users of those languages have been requesting for over a decade. Rumor has it this could be finalized in the next month or two.
Patrick  2016-02-23 08:08
I am still experiencing dropped server / connections with this outlook version