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Microsoft Office 2016 15.22

Microsoft has issued version 15.22 of its Office 2016 suite, which adds support for saving a PowerPoint slide deck as a PDF by using the Save As command. The release adds full support for Arabic and Hebrew in Outlook (including right-to-left layout and editing), enables you to play videos with closed captions or multiple audio tracks in PowerPoint slideshows, and adds more styles for bulleted and numbered lists in Outlook. It also includes version 3.5 of Microsoft Auto Update for Mac to fix an issue that caused the app to crash after downloading updates, and adds support for the two levels of updates (Slow and Fast) offered by the Office Insider program. On the security front, both Office 2016 15.22 and Office 2011 14.6.4 patch a memory corruption vulnerability that could allow remote users access to execute arbitrary code via an Office document. ($149.99 for one-time purchase, free update through Microsoft AutoUpdate, release notes, 10.10+)


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Comments about Microsoft Office 2016 15.22
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I have a persistent problem with Word since the update to Office 2016: If I double-click on a Word document in the Finder when Word is not already open, expected behavior is for Word to launch and open the document I double-clicked. What actually happens is that Word launches but the document does not open. To open it, I need to double-click again after Word has opened.

If this is an idiosyncratic problem with my system, I should obviously talk to Microsoft directly. But I'm wondering: Do other people have the same problem?