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AirPort Base Station Firmware Update 7.6.7 and 7.7.7

Apple has released firmware updates for AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule base stations with 802.11ac Wi-Fi (the tower-like models receive Firmware Update 7.7.7), as well as older AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, and AirPort Time Capsule models with 802.11n Wi-Fi (Firmware Update 7.6.7). Both updates fix a bug that could prevent communication between clients on the same network, improve performance with an extended guest network, and sort out potential naming conflicts with Bonjour Sleep Proxy. You must update your AirPort base station using AirPort Utility on your Mac or an iOS device with the free AirPort Utility app installed (the download isn’t available via the Apple Support Web page or Software Update). A few people are reporting problems with these updates, although it’s hard to know how widespread they are. There’s probably no harm in passing on these updates if you’re not experiencing any problems with your network now. If you do decide to update, make sure it’s when some downtime wouldn’t be catastrophic.


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Comments about AirPort Base Station Firmware Update 7.6.7 and 7.7.7
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Terry Keller  2016-05-27 20:49
Airport utility opened automatically and notified me that a firmware update for my airport express was available. I don't recall airport firmware updates notifying me in this manner, but it is convenient.
Michel Hedley  2016-05-28 03:07
Given the parlous state of Apple updates these days, can anyone confirm that the firmware works without bricking anything?
There are a couple of reports over on MacUpdate - both positive…
barefootguru  An apple icon for a TidBITS Contributor 2016-05-28 18:04
C'mon Chicken Little, 1. It's always been wise to wait a week before upgrading, 2. I don't believe this has got worse, 3. Bricking means permanently unusable.
Hans Castorp  2016-05-31 13:38
Parlous. Thanks for the vocabulary word of the day.
TedDDMP  2016-06-05 23:39
I "upgraded" the firmware on an AirPort Extreme hub extended with a 2nd AirPort Extreme. Prior to changing to 7.7.7 the networked worked well with Access Control enabled. After upgrading to 7.7.7 the 2nd AirPort Extreme no longer was recognized when Access Control was enabled, but was recognized with Access Control disabled. After doing a factory reset of the 2nd AirPort Extreme it was no longer able to connect to my network via Wi-Fi at all. Several Kindles can no longer connect. I cannot recommend changing to 7.7.7 unless you are having problems with your current setup.
mike sanders  2016-06-06 22:39
I have Airport Extreme latest model now upgraded to 7.7.7 the network is extended using previous model AP Extreme which is showing 7.6.7 following firmware upgrade.
I am experiencing drop outs of shows from my library which I can restore immediately but it is irritating.
TedDDMP  2016-07-18 12:04
Fixed: I updated the firmware on all devices. I changed IPv6 to Link-local only (Apple computer:System Preferences:Network:TCP/IP Configure IPv6: Link-local only). I extended my network with the 2nd AirPort Extreme using my iPhone (Settings:Wi-Fi and then selected the 2nd Airport Extreme) with Access Control turned off. I corrected the bonehead error having entered the wrong MAC address for the 2nd AirPort Extreme into Access Control. I turned Access Control back on with correct MAC addresses for 2.4 gHz and 5 gHz.
Carl Falb  An apple icon for a TidBITS Contributor 2016-05-28 10:22
I have an older Airport Express connected to an Airport Extreme and, after the update, Airport Utility reported the current version of Utility no longer supports my Airport Express. Not a big deal since I don't use the Express much, but is there a fix...?
barefootguru  An apple icon for a TidBITS Contributor 2016-05-28 18:00
IIRC Apple dropped support for the earlier Express when they rewrote Airport Utility. They used to keep a copy of the old version around for download — dunno if they still do, or if it will even run on the current OS.
Simon Browne  2016-06-01 01:36
I also have several older airport expresses, which are great for streaming music to stereos - i use the Optical out of the Airport to connect to a MHDT dac and then onto a Rega Amp and ProAc speakers and it all works beautifully. Incidentally, I use ethernet from MacBook Air to Airport express and turned the Wireless Interface off to increase reliability although wifi worked fine too. The older airports require the older Airport Utility - but the older Airport Utility was not available and if it was did not work on Mavericks - until Corey Mahler sorted it out here -
You will not find this link on any Apple Support forums because Apple staff will quickly delete it - so here it is here.
SteveD  2016-05-29 10:42
Does this fix the issue where the router stops routing traffic when connected to a cable modem which has both IPv6 and IPv4 active? Prior workaround meant setting IPv6 to link.local only
Interestingly, I planned to perform the upgrades today, Memorial Day, while I had a day off. Apple decided to inactivate my TimeCapsule Base Station and my two Airport Express devices. All our devices were out of commission until one-by-one each was upgraded, restarted, with a few tweaks. Somehow all passwords did not make the upgrade. But thanks to 1Password this was not a show-stopper.

Next time I read a TidBIT article that mention we MUST upgrade, I will take it more seriously and try to do so within 24 hours.
Andrew  2016-06-06 17:48
I'm sorry that does not make any sense? All Apple does it put a little red notice when you view your station in AirPort Utility to remind you to update. They don't disable anything. You can choose to upgrade or not.
The firmware update bricked my airport express. Did anyone else have this problem? I have the previous generation.
Michiel  2016-06-04 08:50
It's a mess. It happened before as well every now and then, but now the TC keeps dropping the wifi after a little while, the harddisk is not reachable anymore and then the whole network is gone. Need to let the thing cool down for a while (in the fridge goes fastest) and then its useable again for a bit... Spending more time repairing stuff than enjoying it with Mac nowadays...
Andrew  2016-06-06 17:48
Updated 7 airport base stations. Mixture of Extremes, Time Capsules, and Express from various generations. All updates worked perfectly and zero problems after updating. Complex network setups, using some the of express to extend existing networks.
Chris Watson  2016-06-07 03:03
Updated base station and 2 Expresses with no problems
my Airport Time capsule and Airport Express which is connected wirelessly to my time capsule to extend the network worked fine before the new updates (7.7.7 and 7.6.7). Before the the update I had a dotted line showing that the Time Capsule was extending the network Wirelessly to the Express. The wireless connection was good. After the updates the dotted line between the Time Capsule and Express was replaced with a solid line meaning that it was a wired connection (even though it's still wireless). I check all of the settings and tried restarting both stations and my Modem. Nothing has worked. I don't know what to do since the Express won't extend the signal wirelessly anymore.
I did the update the minute it popped up. Not my normal OP.
But it REALLY helped my old AIrport Extreme first gen and a Airport Express Second gen I use as an extender to a Mac Mini etherneted into it.
Why Apple did not do this years sooner…
My older Airport Express won't connect to the network to extend it at all now after upgrading to 7.6.7. I can't seem to go back to the previous firmware either.

Any ideas how to solve?