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CrashPlan 4.7

Code42 Software has released CrashPlan 4.7, a maintenance update with a number of fixes for the Internet backup software. The update now prevents Time Machine from backing up the CrashPlan app bundle, which was causing high CPU usage for some users. It also fixes a bug that prevented some dialogs from being closed when CrashPlan was in full screen mode in OS X 10.11 El Capitan, translates the menu bar app to non-English localizations, and ensures that files with leading or trailing spaces in the filename backed up from an OS X or Linux computer can be restored to a Windows PC. Note that CrashPlan 4.7 is the final supported version for 10.7.5 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion (as well as Windows XP and Windows Vista). (Free with a 30-day trial of CrashPlan’s online backup service, 73.8 MB, release notes, 10.7.5+)


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Gavin Eadie  2016-06-03 17:57
Backing up may have been "causing high CPU usage for some users", but the real Bad Thing™ was that any backup set that contained could not be culled by Time Machine (because has attributes set so it can't be deleted) so they accumulated, using up backup store ..