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Three Take Control Books Document Sierra and iOS 10

Apple released iOS 10 last week, and macOS 10.12 Sierra is due this week. We have three Take Control books about Apple’s new operating systems available now so you can have guides by your side as you install the updates and explore the new features. (We’re also working on hard on updates to our books about Photos, iCloud, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and more.)

Joe Kissell helps you perform a trouble-free upgrade to Sierra in “Take Control of Upgrading to Sierra” (98 pages, $10), Scholle McFarland covers what’s new in Sierra (and much else) in “Sierra: A Take Control Crash Course” (100 pages with more coming shortly, $15), and Josh Centers rounds out the set with his comprehensive “iOS 10: A Take Control Crash Course” (143 pages, $15). The titles of these books are pretty much self-explanatory, and their Web pages provide full details about what each book covers.

Each book is available on its own, but since Apple is integrating macOS and iOS ever more tightly with Siri, the Universal Clipboard, and Desktop and Documents folder syncing, we’d encourage you to collect ‘em all with 30 percent off bundle discounts. You can:

Thanks for your support, since the success of Take Control books directly impacts the health of TidBITS! I’d also like to thank Joe, Scholle, and Josh for their extraordinary efforts in exploring the betas of Sierra and iOS 10 and in writing these books under deadline pressure. We’ve all been burning the midnight electrons to get you these books when they’re most relevant to you, and we hope our efforts help you make significantly better use of Sierra and iOS 10!


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Jerry Nee  2016-09-29 14:53
I'm a NMUG member.
Went to order,but your order form has no separate "Ship To" address space.
My personal info has my FL address & other info, but I want the books shipped to me in NJ.
Now what???
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2016-09-29 16:18
Shipping address doesn't matter because these are ebooks (PDF, EPUB, and Mobi formats) and you'll download them from the final screen of the cart. If you add the option to receive a backup on CD, then a set of shipping address fields will appear.