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Postbox 5.0.2

Featuring a refined user interface and compatibility with macOS 10.12 Sierra, the Postbox email client sees a major update to version 5.0. Postbox can now add dynamic data fields to Responses and Templates, enabling you to populate these custom placeholder fields with company names, people, products, events, and more. It also adds an image scaling feature that resizes large inline images; enables you to easily forward email content to services such as Evernote, Slack, and Todoist; adds an anti-tracking feature that alerts you when tracking tools have been used within a message; and offers 70 professionally written and customizable canned email responses (available as a separate download). Shortly after its initial 5.0 release, Postbox issued version 5.0.2 to fix a variety of minor bugs.

The price of Postbox has risen to $40 (up from $15 for version 4.0), though version 5 is on sale for $32 for a limited time. For those who purchased a Postbox license before 1 March 2016, you can upgrade to Postbox 5.0 at a discounted price for a limited time (I was able to upgrade from my version 4.0 license for $24 after requesting a discount code). If you purchased Postbox on or after 1 March 2016, or if you have a Lifetime License purchased prior to 31 July 2010, then you already have a Postbox 5 key and no additional purchase is necessary. ($40 new, upgrade pricing available, 23.8 MB, release notes, 10.10+)


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Nello Lucchesi  2016-09-26 10:07
Their website claims:

"Awesome Gmail Support

Google labels, Important view, Gmail shortcuts, adding detected dates to Google Calendar"


Can anyone comment on Gmail integration/support? What works well? What's missing?

Julian Gomez  2016-09-27 00:32
Postbox is a piece of crap. Use something else, even Apple Mail.
Thanks for the overview and pricing. I have four critical accounts used daily in Apple Mail. When changing to Postbox, does it import all archived mail plus mail currently store in GTD-like folders; e.g. Projects, Incubate?

While maybe a loaded question, what seems to be the leading mail application for Apple 10+? Something balancing power with simplicity is what I'm looking for. I'd rather not learn an entirely new system. Apple Mail might not be the best, but it works with no steep learning curve.
In the past with Postbox, I've always suffered from mojibake, garbling of Japanese text. I couldn't work out how to fix it, so was a deal-breaker for me.