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1Password 6.3.5

by Agen G. N. Schmitz

AgileBits released 1Password 6.3.4 [1] with a single change that might throw you for a loop if you weren’t expecting it in the password management utility. The update “improves verification and authentication of communication with the 1Password browser extension.” After installing the update, you’ll be asked to verify 1Password’s connection to the extension via 1Password mini in the form of a six-digit code (shown in both 1Password mini and a Web browser tab). This verification opens automatically after installation if you have a Web browser open, or immediately after opening your Web browser the next time. “Take Control of 1Password” author Joe Kissell also notes that if you’re using the Bartender [3] menu control utility, “you have to click the 1Password mini icon in Bartender — not just press the keyboard shortcut — to bring it up in order to see the code.”

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A few days after the 6.3.4 release, AgileBits updated 1Password to version 6.3.5 to fix a crash that could occur when using the 1Password browser extension, resolve an issue where the 1Password browser extension authorization window failed to display due to a missing monospace font, ensure that the app properly advises you to re-enable iCloud sync when upgrading from version 4, and correctly show the browser authentication popup when using Bartender. ($64.99 new from AgileBits and the Mac App Store with a 25 percent discount for TidBITS members [5] when purchased from AgileBits, free update, 43.9 MB, release notes [6], 10.10+)