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Quicken 2017 for Mac 4.3

In October 2016, Quicken Inc. launched Quicken 2017, a major update to its flagship financial management app with a new look for the user interface and a consistent design across the Mac and Windows platforms. It also added some new features, including customizable reports that enable tracking of year-over-year income and spending trends, and the addition of Quicken Bill Pay (enabling you to pay bills from most banks directly within Quicken). The free iOS companion app (officially titled Quicken 2015/2016/2017 Money Management) now tracks investments, includes offline transaction entry, and displays up to two years of transactions for a more comprehensive view of spending patterns. No free trial version is available, and there is no discount for upgrading to Quicken 2017 from a previous version.

Quicken 2017 has now been updated to version 4.3 with some new features and bug fixes. The release adds the capability to see transaction details by drilling down into custom report amounts, resolves an issue where an account’s currency setting was changed to US Dollars after syncing, adds printing for 12-Month budgets, enables you to switch a file to a different Intuit ID, and rectifies a crash that occurred when converting a Quicken 2007 file and selecting the mobile option. Quicken 2017 is also available from the Mac App Store but version 4.3 has yet to make its way through Apple’s approval process as of this writing. ($74.99 new, free update from Quicken 2017, release notes, 10.10+)


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Comments about Quicken 2017 for Mac 4.3
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pittstown  2016-11-14 14:25
I did get an email with a $10 discount offer to upgrade from Q2016 to Q2017. But at $65, I'm wondering whether the upgrade is worth it. This makes the 3rd PAID upgrade since they started the new app (Q2015, 16, 17), and it _still_ doesn't have the flexible reporting and many other features I depended on in Q2007.
I'd be interested in other users observations.
Try Amazon, the price is $43.
Dennis B. Swaney  2016-11-14 19:03
So much for hoping the new owners would not be as greedy as Intuit and would bring the Mac version up to parity with the Windows version. Perhaps they need to fire the Intuit manger baggage that came with the purchase of Quicken. Meanwhile I'll stay with Quicken for Mac LC and PocketMoney.
What the article fails to mention is about all the paid extras if you want full functionality:

Bill Pay: $120 a year

Social Security Tool: $50 the first year and $25 a year thereafter.

Dedicated encrypted backup: $50 per year

Given annual upgrade fees that are likely to occur that means a complete and fully functional product may end up costing you $295 the first year and up to $270 in consecutive years. This is in addition to any fees your bank might be charging you for downloading transactions and any other bill paying fees.

While it is likely tax deductible for individuals that itemize, it still seems a high price to pay for a home finance application.

In any case it is something to consider when evaluating the purchase of this product.